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Welcome to Roland Jeffery Physiotherapy
I’d like to show you why we’re different to other clinics. We know it can be
difficult to decide which physiotherapy clinic to choose when you’re injured or
in pain, there are so many options. If you decide to choose Roland Jeffery
Physiotherapy this is what you can expect. Our first priority is to get you
pain-free you’ll receive hands-on treatment from a
expert team which will include massage manual therapy or acupuncture to remove
your pain and get you going again. Once you’re pain-free we will look at what is
caused your pain, to do this we will analyze your biomechanics and posture
through our state-of-the-art software analysis systems. Once these factors have been identified we can then correct them removing your pain and preventing it
from happening again. In this way we can restore and transform the way your body
moves making you stronger and more resilient. You can then go on to
achieving your goals elevating your sports or work performance and improving your health when you are moving better. We can then introduce you to our expert
strength and conditioning team who can help improve your strength or sports
performance through our professional programs. Here at Roland Jeffery
Physiotherapy we’re known for being experts at football injuries. We have a
team of highly skilled and qualified physiotherapists who can help you, Remove your pain, Restore your foundation and Elevate your performance. We look forward to assisting you, please call us or visit our website.

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