18 thoughts on “Ricky Wysocki & Paige Pierce Putting Clinic Pt 2

  1. A tip for the presentation of clinics…perform examples of every skill you teach , especially the crucial aspects of a particular skill. People will understand stand better when they can physically see what you are teaching and how it should properly look. Otherwise, great clinic.

  2. Actually, now that Paige talked a bit here I would definitely say that she does a better job of explaining putting. She keeps it simple and leaves everyone imagine their own putt and just emphasises the salient points. Ricky's a bit too repetitive. It ends up being too chaotic and it's easy to lose track of what he's saying due to repetition.

  3. One of the many reasons I love disc golf is seeing some of the best players are a bit socially awkward and I can relate to that very much.

  4. Here we have Paige teaching people about disc golf. And Ricky saying the same thing 3 times in a row over and over.

  5. You are only repeating your simple concepts seven times in rapid succession. Maybe eight times would be perfectly redundant. How about a start to finish demonstration and talk through of proper form and technique instead of spending all your time on theoretical bad technique styles.

  6. I dislike the answer of “do what fits your style.” We’re here to learn. We want absolutes on what works and doesn’t.

  7. All general tips. We don’t come here to hear “whatever putting style works for you.” We don’t know what style works for us, that’s why we’re listening to you! Be concise and tell us what’s right and what’s wrong.

  8. If anybody's got any questions we'll just save them for the end but if you have any questions we can stop and answer them but Paige do you think we should answer questions right now or we'll just wait until the end because does anyone have any questions anyway antibiotics are no good and that's all the time we have

  9. He says the nose angle never changes. Then he shows the arm swing and of course, it is changing the whole way through. What he means is that he never changes his grip and wrist. He also says his nose angle is down but then when he demonstrates the arm swing it is up.

  10. It seems like disc golf is a young enough sport that no one has analyzed it as far as other sports. The biomechanics could be understood but everyone just says, do what's right for you. Anyone know if a sports scientist has actually studied this? I'd love to see some applied physics.

    For example, there is an optimal angle for the disc independent of the thrower. That's just physics. Then, there are motor recruitment strategies of which the fundamentals are understood enough to be applied to the throw of anyone.

    Just like "stick" golf, which is well understood, there are only so many things that can be individualized.

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