Richland College: Pharmacy Technician

Are you considering why pharmacy might
be a good profession for you? Well pharmacy is all about patient safety. You learn product names as well as their uses, so that you select the right product,
for the right patient, and the right dose, for the right frequency …every time. Pharmacy practice is
about technical expertise. you’ll learn the hands-on skills that
employers will expect for you to perform when you first enter the pharmacy
workforce. We prepare you with those skills. Pharmacy is all about caring and
compassionate care. A patient is far more likely to seek out the professional expertise
of the pharmacist who may have a positive experience
interacting with pharmacy technician staff. Whether in a community, hospital or other pharmacy setting, you,
are the future of pharmacy. The entry-level compensation for the
pharmacy technician career path ranges between 25,000 and 35,000 dollars per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an immediate salary of 30,400 dollars… and the career-path is projected to grow
by 9 percent, through 2024. You’ve always wanted to help people. At Richland College Health Professions, we’ll teach you how.

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