Richard Julyan, M.D., Family Medicine – The Corvallis Clinic at Waverly Drive/Albany

I think the variety is what attracted me
to family medicine. I think it’s great that you can manage somebody’s diabetes one
visit and then you can do kind of a preventive healthcare visit the next and
then maybe do a well-baby visit very next appointment as well Initially when
I got into my medical education I wanted to be a rural physician so I trained at
a residency program that basically trained Doc’s to be the only doctor for
miles 5000 miles I think my approach is patient centered and so I’m very
conversational during these office visits I like for the patient to have
time to tell me everything that’s going on and what their concerns are and then
I like to see myself as being a partner in their health I feel like I can play
an important role in their health and also to an extent their personal lives
as well because I think part of the physician-patient bond is is talking to
each other about personal things I was born in Seattle and I was raised in
Washington State rural Washington State on the Olympic Peninsula so I grew up
doing a variety of outdoor activities really enjoying the outdoors so I’m
married my wife and I had been out married for
three years I have a 17 year old son who’s in his senior year of high school
and looking forward to graduating the primary thing I do is I’m a cyclist
and I even compete you do some amateur bike racing during the spring and summer
road racing mountain bike racing even cyclocross racing as well I think what I
enjoy about my practice at the Corrales clinic is that there’s an emphasis on
the importance of primary care and providing good primary care to our
patients yet at the same time having access to a lot of to multiple
specialists as well I hope I can be your partner and providing excellent health
care you

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