Rex Rubin, RN, loves working at Pelham Medical Center

– My career path certainly
has gone down a few roads. I was in the military for many many years and after the military I
became a police officer. I work in the emergency department. I get here at two p.m.
and I work until two a.m. We have incredibly short wait times. We bring patients right in. We triage them and bring
them right to rooms as quickly as possible. I was 36 years old when
I went back to school and I had my own fears. So, from being in the
military and serving, being a police officer and serving, and being a registered nurse and serving, anybody can be a registered nurse as long as you have the passion to serve. For 12 or 13 hours every single day, I am in the emergency department. It’s the people that you
work with day in and day out. This truly is my work family and it’s the relationship
I have with my work family that makes this job special, that makes me want to come
to work every single day. My name is Rex and I love
working for Spartanburg Regional.

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