Review Doctor Teacher Kim 2 Episode 27 28😒(IND/ENG)

Hello all
While waiting for the subtitles to come out, I’ll review episode 14 first In the first part Wojin told Master Kim that he wanted to move to another hospital because they were threatened by thugs It seems we are familiar with this thug
dya who plays drama crash landing on you Wojin told Enje not to pay attention anymore Wow this time the scene was extraordinary because of Enje’s annoyance with this stupid Sombe, he just hit his head Ketepaaaaaak It turned out that Wojin and several nurses watched the scene in shock I’m sure if you watch this part, your facial expressions will be the same as those nurses Enje asked Wojin not to go and Wojin was afraid in the future he would hope for Enje Ost Sound track here I am sure will make you sad or baper When Enje was learning suddenly Hp Wojin rang and he read it then told one of Sombe
that Wojin is being threatened by thugs And Enje remembered that he had a gangster acquaintance whom he had saved
do you remember ? On the other hand Ex Wojangnim is in a critical condition and all doctors are trying to save him On the other hand Wojin was trying to save Kang Parang Wow Daebaaaak on this scan makes our eyes sore and the ost sound track is also very sad Susem who just finished the operation immediately ran towards Ex Wojangnim It turned out that he survived but was not aware Get out of the critical zone let’s see this one scen When Wojin wanted to go home and looked for his cellphone, it was Enje’s cellphone that was hiding
and Wojin asked again And thugs came but strangely when the thugs came to see Sombe on this one they didn’t attack There are surprises guys, see who is coming? yes right Mr. gong, Do Iem Boom And it looks like Mr. Gong will stay here for several episodes Where are the fans? must be very happy download this drama :

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