Returning to The Lovely Clinic to Maintain and Enhance the Treatments

so do you choose different fillers for
different areas of the face? very much so here with the lips because you’re a
guy and because your in the public eye a little bit more I cannot have
anything that that looks and feels like stiff filler it’s got to be extremely soft
and it depends do you want more volume or do you want just sort of hydration I’m not going for like you know blow-up
doll Love-Island vibes though. The thing that I would say is thing that I hate that I see is
you know people have those like sausage lips where they lose the shape yeah I
like that I’ve got a little bit of a like Cupid’s bow still so I we can
accentuate I’m quite like that yeah I think looking I mean I obviously look at
my face but yeah eyes really for me I think that’s a bit of a blind spot like
just because we didn’t touch it at all last time yeah I haven’t noticed
actually my forehead I’m getting those teeny little like fine line starting so
it would be good to nip them in the bud sarah has done for you quite a lot of
treatment so we should take a more holistic approach and sort of treated
the areas of the face which of the first signs to show aging and also enhance
during your features the jawline and the chin
she’s also done a little bit of work for your nose yes
she did over here to me that blew my mind because I’m just never ever think I want this it can
slim the nose it comes right here we look a bit straight to the way she’s
done it she’s also done your temple temporal
volumes yeah oh it’s a quite like round cheeks and although I’m kind of like
shot-up and slimmed-down a bit I still feel like I’ve got quite a bit of softness in
my face so in my mind what would be nice would be something a little bit sharper
and all squared off and maybe bit of fancy
won’t understand measuring for the chin how do you just being very slightly more
structure down and actually the chin also comes over to one side so she’s
taking quite a pan facial approach I was like a little bit of everything based
sorry yeah I guess like to my mind I’ve kind of like a little bit of sharpening
up that’s what maybe that’s a lot every guy probably thinks I surprised it’s
typical kind of like masculinization or whatever but yeah I’m I didn’t what you
think but I always think like these kind of areas here would be nice for you this area is already quite wide a man can get away with having this
bizygomatic width equal to the bigonial width which
is from here to here correct so you can have def have a bit more here to sharpen that up but yours is actually already quite nice yeah but maybe a drop
more yeah yeah and lips at the same time mm-hmm but maybe not with a typical lip
filler maybe with something that’s more hydrating there’s not gonna change the
shape of your lips too much but give some very just to give some very soft rounded
volume instead I mean how young are you 27 so maybe some preventative Botox yeah
I’ve thought about that me and I’m getting that only for my jaw for teeth
grinding and I loved it I didn’t notice a massive change cosmetically
actually I haven’t had it I didn’t have it done here up slate I was in my
dentists do the job yeah but yeah Botox would be great and does it help are you
having any jaw clenching problems no I think it’s worn off has it so you do
that for you oh yeah yeah that’ll be fab next stage is we will ask you some
pictures yeah and we’ll use our all-singing all-dancing intellistudio which picks up all the detail in your face oh God
and now give us a big smile this is lovely well done. I want to do some fat dissolving there did you hear me yeah no
III yes I’m just here oh yeah that I want that is that the Kybella thing? I’ve heard that let’s see how much time
we’ve got so what your doing now is basically mapping out your plan of
attack basically yeah yeah and then this way if
you like it then we do is sort of reproduce it for you it’s got a Botox
works in a slightly different way so it’s just good for me to have a
record because then I can add to it later so is there a way before it was very much just sold on the
like kind of therapeutic side of mmm-hmm is there a cosmetic change that come with Botox?
you can slim the jawline, the opposite of what we’re doing with a
filler fine so in this way what we’re doing with the Botox we’re slimming the
face and with a filler we are widening it so the net result is you will probably be quite similar so your lips will swell today I’ve had
it myself and this swelling it bruised quite a lot but two to three to two to
three days time and flying that the lips look much more natural I think and yeah so we did a full face treatment for
wrinkle relaxation we also incorporated some relaxation of the masseter muscles
which are responsible for excessive chewing activity overnight and that
hopefully will bring him bring him some relief because he’s talked about having
some discomfort during sleep so that will treat parafunction and we’ve also
treated some of the wrinkles between the brows around the eyes and the little
ones above the brows and there any tiny because he’s 27 we’ve also given him a
hydration treatment which is a very very soft soft filler it’s one of the tricks
we have at TLC it’s called a lip booster which gives very very soft roundedness
to the lips without adding too much volume and it gives some very very
nicely needed hydration to them it especially in this weather and I think
you will agree that they will look really really natural within about a
couple of days because at the moment they’re still quite swollen after the
treatment we’re just putting on a little bit of matte sunblock for him as well to
protect him after these injectable treatments as well one thing I didn’t mention is we’ve done a bright our latest eye brightening treatment which
isn’t the eye bright which is our other treatment at TLC this is our eye
lightening treatment which is specifically for the blue purple
discoloration which is underneath your eyes it’s already significantly
healthier looking except for a bit of bruising which will dissipate but
another treatment of that will help that that discoloration under the eye
initially treatments can make people look a little bit swollen and little bit
bruised as you can see essentially this is not the final result it will be
another week or two before we see the final result and i think jack will be
really happy obviously when you come to one of our treatments initially
expect some swelling expect a little bit of downtime including some bruising but
remember that this is all temporary and it will certainly be worth the final

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  1. All of the editing, music and jerky camera was very obnoxious. Unfortunate since the info content was spot of, but got a bit lost.

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