Returning home from rehab: Expectations, challenges & struggles

Hello, my name is Jamie and I’m going to
talk to you today about returning home from rehab, the expectations and the challenges
and struggles that may cause for us. The first thing is that we are in rehab and
we are preparing for it, we’re doing recovery plans, we’re speaking to our counsellors,
our therapists, we’re speaking with the community and we’re getting really excited
for it and kind of ready. Some people are not, some people are, and very much
the feelings that come up are excitement and fear. And then when we actually do return home it’s
really good, it’s really nice to see people, it’s really nice to get back to familiar
surroundings. There’s a lot of triggers within that also
so there is a lot of different uncomfortable feelings that may come up and one thing that
we see is that it’s the loneliness that kicks in. Once we land home and all the excitement dies
down and we’ve seen the family for the first time or our friends, and we’re home on our
own and everybody’s gone out to work, it’s the sudden silence and loneliness that
kicks in and it can be really daunting. All the hype and expectations that we put
on ourselves can kind of dwindle down to the reality of, right ok, this is where the work
begins. We’ve gone from being in a rehab environment
where the community is so strong and there’s people there all the time willing to have
a coffee or just speak to you and checking up on you but that’s kind of gone. For me, this is where the work really has
to begin now, we have to put in all the action that we’ve been working towards whilst we’ve
been in rehab. And the most important thing at this point
is connection, we need to connect with other people, we need to connect with other people that
understand, that are on the same journey as us. We have a choice, we never need to be alone
any more. We’ve spent a lot of time alone and battling
alone but actually the solution now is to come together and form a community and bond
and we’ve all got the same goal in mind. It can be a bit of an anti-climax, it’s
a bit of a shock to the system, but just being mindful and just being aware, we can kind
of combat that together and even just researching local meetings, getting in touch with people
before you leave rehab, can just bridge the gap. For me, it’s just being mindful of those
key points and just being ready for the challenges that you may face. Thank you for watching, my name is Jamie and
you’ve been watching Returning Home from Rehab.

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