Restylane and Dysport | Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic | Vancouver BC

I’ve always wanted to achieve a softer look on my face.
一直以来 我想要一张更柔和的脸型 So I’ve come to Anti-Aging to do injections.
所以我来到Anti-Aging接受注射和肉毒杆菌 I had a very detailed consultation with Nadine and Dr. Frame.
Nadine和Dr. Frame和我进行了非常详细的咨询 After explaining my concerns, they had a clear vision of what I wanted,
在我叙说后 他们很好的理解了我的需求 and their recommendations are more than what I expected.
且他们给我的建议使我更加了解此疗程 During the process I was treated with care by the friendly staff.
疗程过程中 医生和店员非常照顾我的感受 I was nervous but Dr. Frame’s humour made me relaxed.
即使我很紧张 但Dr. Frame的幽默使得疗程更加舒适 After the treatment, I could see the results immediately,
疗程后 我立马能见到效果 and I was really satisfied with the outcome.

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