Residential rehabilitation center opens in Prestonsburg

AS WYMT’S CHANDLER MARKIE FOUND OUT… THERE IS A HIGH DEMAND– FOR THE RESIDENTIAL CENTER. (PKG) Working together .to tear down the eastern kentucky drug problem (SOT) david gearheart, CEO/ president of east kentucky rehabilitation center “I’VE BEEN IN THIS BUSINESS NOW FOR SEVERAL YEARS AND IVE SEEN HOW DRUGS AND ADDICTION HAVE DESTROYED OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES” david gearheart is the ceo and president of the east kentucky rehabilitation center …their outpatient center was started about three years ago .. Counselors at the center say they saw a need for a residential facility allowing clients to stay and get help… and ‘knew’ they had to do something about it. (SOT) orrin gibson, counselor at east ky rehab center “SUBSTANCE ABUSE HAS BECOME A G ISSUE THROUGHOUT MOST OF E UNTRY BUT PECIALLY EASTERN KENTUCKY IT’S CO PROBLEMATIC. AND WE KNOW THERE’S A NEED OUT THERE BUT THE PROBLEM IS THERE ISNT ENOUGH SERVICES AVALIABLE” the residential facility in prestonsburg is now open to adult men ages 18 and up…and things will run a little differently than the outpatient center. (SOT) david gearheart, ceo/president of east kentucky rehabilitaion center “HERE AT THE RESIDENTIAL WE HAVE A LOT MORE TIME TO DEDICATE TO THEM INDIVIDUALLY. THEY’LL BE DOING A LOT OF THINGS IN GROUPS BUT WILL ALSO BREAKING OFF INDIVIDUALLY ANY TIME THEY NEED THAT ONE ON ONE COUNSELING THEY’LL BE ABLE TO GET THAT” officials say they hope the one on one attention will drive the clients away from the negative environment and into a sober life. (SOT) david gearheart, “SOMETIME WHEN THEY LEAVE THEY have TO GO BACK INTO THE BAD ENVIRONMENT THAT HAS GOTTEN THEM INTO TROUBLE IN THE FIRST PLACE. WHAT A RESIDENTICAL FACILITY DOES, IT ALLOWS UO COME IN AND GET AWAY FROM THAT RLD AND FOCUS ON ONLY YOUR COVER aeart says they require the n to stay a nimum of 30 days d the facity will hold 14 n. In floyd countychandler rkie, wymt mountain news. OUGH SERVICES AVALIL -SHOT) THOSE LOOKING TO STAAT THE ST KENTUCKY REHALATION RESIDENTIAL CENTER CAN CALL 606-263-4714. (OTS) NEW TONIGHT… A BILL THAT PROPOSED ‘BANNING’ THE DEATH

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