Residental Care at Maplegrove

Nobody comes through our
door because their life is going good. They don’t feel good
about themselves. They don’t like the
way they’re acting, they don’t understand the
way they’ve been thinking, and they don’t know how to dig
their self out of the hole, basically. Nobody would choose to have
this problem, just like we don’t choose to have diabetes,
or heart disease, or asthma, or any
other chronic illness. We don’t choose to
have addictions. [MUSIC PLAYING] Maple Grove Center has been in
existence for nearly 40 years, delivering services and cures
for addiction treatment. When we look at
addiction as a whole, the person’s life has
become pretty unmanageable. It’s where the disease
controls them, they no longer control it. And we provide a safe,
comfortable environment for them to come and begin
the process of recovery. So we give them an opportunity
need for their mind and body to heal. Medically, we provide
safe detoxification in an inpatient setting. We have 24 hour nursing,
daily physician care. We also offer not only an
addiction medicine specialists, but addiction
psychiatrists to address any underlying psychiatric
conditions that may need to be addressed
to treat the addictions. Nursing at Maple Grove
is critically important. A lot of our patients do
require intensive medical care initially. When they come here,
other than the addiction, they have a lot of
other comorbidities that haven’t been addressed. Diabetes, hypertension,
respiratory issues. And so we provide that
service 24 hours a day here, making sure that we’re
maintaining patient safety throughout their stay. Maple Grove is a
premiere facility. We have extremely skilled
doctors, nurses, medical team, therapists. Our building has been renovated. It’s beautiful. It’s very calming here. We’re very welcoming and warm. The therapists and the
entire staff, everybody is committed to addiction care. Warm and welcoming,
friendly people. It’s a great place to be
and we help a lot of people. We believe here at
Maple Grove that there is no one size fits
all for addiction care, and it’s very important that
we provide each patient that comes through our door with
that individualized care that they need. Addiction is always
going to be an issue. This is an ongoing
condition that’s going to only continue
to get worse if we don’t address it and treat it. It’s a great thing that we
collaborate with the community and there’s different
family programs. We’re here as a
resource and definitely just so patients know that
they have treatment available if they’re going through this. To see a patient go from the
very beginning to still having whatever her potential
is moving forwards to be able to share
other stories like that or experiences with
patients to give them hope. So if I can keep
the hope alive, it helps relay that message to
other patients because that’s basically what we do
here is we sell hope. That there’s hope for change and
there’s hope for a better life. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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