Research’s Impact on Care at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital

For me, it’s not enough
just to practice medicine. I want to change the practice of medicine. And so, the way that this happens is really through research. Our clinical care fuels
our research questions and then the research drives
the change in clinical care. And Crystal’s an
excellent example of that. I was just on my way to work. I got in a car accident. My Jeep rolled, and it rolled three to
five times on Highway 101. She had uncontrollable brain swelling that the current medications didn’t allow us to treat effectively. And we were doing some early research in pre-clinical models that showed that using very
concentrated salt solutions, that we could decrease
the swelling of the brain. And I talked to Crystal’s
family and I said, “This is research, this
is very preliminary. “We have good results from our research, “but that I think that
unless we’re able to control “her brain swelling, she’s going to die.” We gave her this medicine and fortunately it
controlled her brain swelling and allowed her to survive. The location of my car accident enabled me to go ahead and be brought to the number one trauma unit, right here in Northern California. And if I would’ve been
taken anywhere else, I wouldn’t be here today. All of us need San Francisco General and need it to actually
function at a very high level. And it takes care of the most vulnerable patients in the county. And by vulnerable, I mean
those who are underserved and who come from backgrounds
that are impoverished, but I also mean vulnerable in terms of me, as a citizen of San Francisco,
driving through the city, that could actually at any
moment require the services of the Level I trauma center
that is San Francisco General. – Physicians are practicing
within the hospital and then turning around and
going to do the research that can improve the healthcare
and the health status of many San Franciscans. And in fact, we’ve shown
that how we’ve improved care throughout the world,
’cause many of our physicians are not just doing their
care in San Francisco but they’re doing research
on different diseases that impact everyone in the
country and in the world. – The faculty and Dr. Geoffrey Manley have never skipped a beat. Research at San Francisco
General Hospital saved my life and enabled me to still be a mother. It’s been something that
I’m really grateful for.

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