Research Medical Center Fall Prevention Patient Education

Hello, and welcome to
Research Medical Center. My name is Cortez Chism, and
I am the Patient Safety Coach. I’m happy to say the
Research Medical Center is committed to preventing patient falls. Providing safe and quality
care is our top priority, and we would like to
show our value of respect by including you in
your patient care plan. The team at Research Medical Center takes precautions to
prevent patient falls, but we also need your assistance. You are most at risk for a fall when you’re moving from a bed, chair, or toilet without adequate assistance. Sometimes when dealing
with illness or a change in medication, you may
have a change in strength, which also may affect
your ability to walk. Try to become familiar
with your medications and the different side
effects that they may cause. Because you have an
elevated risk for falling, Research Medical Center has developed a care plan suited to your needs. This patient care plan
includes a yellow armband, yellow non-slip socks, patient call light for assistance, and a bed alarm. You’ll be required to
wear a yellow wristband and yellow non-slip socks while staying at Research Medical Center. This will help to remind
you, your loved ones, and our staff that you
may require assistance when moving in and out of the bed. If you need urgent assistance, please use your call light
on your bedside phone. In addition to your call
light, please remember, do not disconnect your bed alarm. Please, check with your nurse
on how to safely partner with us when moving around the room. Each patient may have
a different care plan. If you or your loved one
have any further questions regarding patient fall prevention, please do not hesitate to call your nurse. The important contact information is listed here on your MyCare board. Or, you can visit our website at

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