Reporter Was Locked In Mental Hospital For 10 Days, Doctors Shocked When Her True Identity Revealed

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100 thoughts on “Reporter Was Locked In Mental Hospital For 10 Days, Doctors Shocked When Her True Identity Revealed

  1. Hmm I think it’s not 1964 because you said she was still able to see women get the right to vote in 1920…maybe 1864?? 🤭
    But I love her story…she was an amazing woman 😘

  2. I'm late but idc anyways I'm doing a project in school and we have to choose someone who changed the world and I chose Nellie bly

  3. Was she born in 1964 or 1864? Because if she was in her first teen age that would have been 1979 but if she was born in 1864 it would have been in 1879. I think you mean 1864 because the pictures are too black and white to be the 1970s-90s.

  4. The Bible says "through one MAN, sin entered into the world". So if Adam had not disobyed God's direct instructions to HIM, we would not be growing old and dying. He was held accountable, not Eve (she was deceived)

  5. We learned about her in class. She was a journalists called Nellie Bly and she needed a report to write about. Now, Asylums back then, were in bad conditions becuase they injected the patients with drugs. Most of the patients weren't even insane but they got sent in the asylum and the doctors were really not doing their jobs.

  6. I hope she packed her own food like sandwiches and can goods. Cuz if not what could she eat in that time era all the asylums were llke that they raped and beat the women

  7. When i was a smaller child i used to be obsessed with Nellie Bly and i forgot all about her. I believe her story is so interesting. There is also a movie on lifetime that is based on her but is a little different.

  8. Yeah this so american horror story asylum because in asylum a reporter lana winters was locked in briacliff

  9. LOL I can’t stop watching these and I Was also born on 5 May in year ???? And right now I am 610. I only gave u one piece of info but you still don’t know my name anyway coz I’m using a fake account.

  10. Emmeline Pankhurst was the one who got the votes for women

    Lys not a true story lyssssss like if u agree

  11. Im pretty sure you couldnt die in the 1920s if you were born in 1964… Maybe you meant 1864 bc that doesnt look like she was from the 60s

  12. Do you mean 1864? Cuz if not, someone should maybe help her with her wardrobe…k…happy day to you

  13. Can we all just think about something here. This woman had to support 14 siblings. 14! am i the only one who cares about this?!

  14. Born in 1964….Lived long enough to see womens gain the right to vote in the 1920's… somethings wrong

  15. Lunatic asylums were really nothing more than torture chambers. I always wondered how people who worked there could stand their lives when the went home. What if one of their children ended up in one? I don't get systemic abuse, or personal abuse either.

  16. Nelly Bly was born in the 1800s not the 1900s, and she did go into that asylum to expose the conditions.

  17. Hey facts varse you guys messed up if a young lady was born in 1964 she most definitely got to see women vote in history books of 1920 I was born in 1962 and seen on tv motor cade JFK assassination on CBC I was only 2yrs old then

  18. Women like her must be remembered and honoured for their tenacity and immense courage.
    These were the first of the liberators…

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