Renovo Skin Clinic NBC Interview Preview

NBC anchor Eun Yang came to Korea
to interview doctors and patients at Renovo skin Clinic, through Seoul Guide Medical. Located in Gangnam, Renovo Skin Clinic is
popular among Koreans and has gained interest from many international patients, due to their
exceptional work. NBC has followed the Plastic Surgery boom,
in South Korea. And Yang sat down with Tanya, who is from
Russia and now works in Seoul. She has undergone multiple procedures at Renovo
Skin Clinic and was happy with the results. The Procedure went by pretty fast, I just closed my eyes, opened them and I’m done. (Chuckle) From the moment I arrived to renovo skin clinic the staff was so friendly and made me feel welcome. They carefully explained me everything
and they did their best to minimalize my discomfort. When I was like under anesthesia I was like Ok. I was awake during most the procedure and because I was under local anesthesia. I didn’t feel anything. I will be beautiful so its deserves it. Before we finish Visit our site Seoul Guide for more information. Email us at [email protected] today. I feel great. Like I can see a big difference between last week. I receive a lot of compliments every day , the
treatment really helped me to improve. Each and every body cares about their skin, their beauty and all the stuff. I would recommend skin treatments or plastic
surgery for anyone who wants a boost of self-esteem and self-confidence. Life is short why not to do what we want. Renovo skin clinic is located in Gangnam Station
exit 12 in the A tower build on the 8th floor. With professional staff and the latest technology,
they can provide you with the care and results that you are looking for. Dr. Seung Jun Kim is the head doctor and founder
of Renovo Skin Clinic and he specialize in customizing treatments to fit each client’s
needs. Contact us for a free consultation today. If you found this video useful, please make
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always thank you for watching.

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