Renee del Rio, Psy.D., Integrated Behavioral Health – The Corvallis Clinic

I really enjoy when patients sort of
have that “aha” moment and and they realize that they can meet their own
goals, and improve their health. I have been a clinical psychologists for 18
years, and for the past eight years I’ve been in integrated primary care as a
behaviorist so my role in family medicine and internal medicine is to
work alongside, and in conjunction with your primary care provider, to treat your
whole health. Some of those reasons include wanting to lose weight or manage
their weight better, wanting to change behavior such as
wanting to stop smoking, wanting to just figure out how can I manage my diabetes
or my hypertension better, sometimes people might have trouble with chronic
pain or just managing a chronic illness, or sometimes people might have just
received a medical diagnosis that they’re working through and trying to
figure out how that will fit into their life my favorite part is really just
kind of sitting down in a one-to-one capacity with a patient and learning
their story as it relates to their current health concerns and developing a
treatment plan with them my family consists of my husband and our four
children who are at various stages of adulthood and now our two dogs so in my personal time I
enjoy you know reading and learning activities I enjoy hiking I enjoy trying
out new vegan or whole food recipes experimenting with different ways to
make salsa I love visiting art museums when my patients come to see me they can
expect compassion and personal care I want to find out what works well for
each patient so they’ll get individual attention and not just a standardized
approach so what I appreciate about working at the Corvallis Clinic is the
mission and the dedication to you know patient care and to excellence and the
best service possible and making it a great working atmosphere for all of the
providers here

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