6 thoughts on “Removing Uncertainty to Advance ME/CFS Research, June 2019 Education Meeting

  1. Thank you thank you thank you. I have all core symptoms. I’ve been living like this since I was 37 years old and I am now 54. I still cannot get disability. Thank you for giving me hope. It’s a wonderful thing to think I could get even 30% better before I leave this earth. I can’t thank you enough

  2. CFS/ME is a multi-layered and multifactorial complex syndrome probably as complex as aging itself. There can't possibly be a single biomarker in all sufferers especially because there are different severities and stages of illness. Mitochondrial dysfunction, Viruses, Autoimmunity, Gut dysbiosis (LPS?), Systemic and Neuro Inflammation, Cell Senescence, Telomere attrition. These are all hallmarks of this illness.

  3. The only possible answer to this dreadful illness is something that will emerge from regenerative medicine such as Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy which has shown significant success in cases of Dysautonomia and other related autoimmune and neuroimmune diseases.

  4. Thank you for posting this video! These Bateman Horne Center videos are so helpful. And empowered for ME/CFS patients to get all this info, even when they are too sick to travel and to get into see the Bateman Horne Doctors. Thank you! Looking forward to more videos!

  5. Did Jarrod Younger lose his research lab at UAB, Alabama. He came out of Stanford. He developed a test, using an MRS that proves our brains are "on fire." Do any of you know about this?

  6. Objective diagnostic bio markers and more consistent clinical management of symptomology are definitely key issues inhibiting the acceptance of, and management of, this complex illness. Thank you for advancing these areas for ME/CFS patients.

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