Remembering Our Patients – Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

[MUSIC] I met Arvard when I was 19. He was
good-looking, he was charming, he was like my knight in shining armor.>>[BACKGROUND] We gather before you in this place, both to remember and to grieve our love ones who’s lives were so deeply intertwined with our own. We confess that we miss them… When you come
back in here, we’ll welcome you back into a place of healing and part of healing
is healing from the losses that we experience in our lives and if we’re
gonna be a place of healing this is a place where I think people can heal in
their grief journey.>>[BACKGROUND]… and we remember, Grace Edrease, Sandra Kumaromie (sp)>>We
find it’s very important for people to be able to hear their loved one named
and that someone outside of their own family honored this loss that means so
much to them.>>[BACKGROUND]…And we remember our Arvard Brown.>>But they remembered his name that
was the touching moment when they remembered his name. This is like my final goodbye and this is the way of saying, he’s at peace. And that’s what I I felt. [MUSIC ENDS]

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