Reid Perala, MD | Cleveland Clinic Family Medicine, Distance Medicine

My primary area of interest right now is the virtual practice of medicine telehealth. So seeing patients from a distance online from the comfort of their home or work. I also have an office based practice and my specialty is family medicine. I like seeing adults and kids. I do quite a bit of pediatrics. This is something that really complements the office visit, so there are some things, it’s another way to see the doctor. So there are some things that we can’t see obviously if you’re having something that could be serious like chest pain or shortness of breath, we wouldn’t want to see you online, we want to have you be evaluated in person. I think in the very near future be able to get vital signs, everybody’s got a smartwatch now that’s checking your heart rate. It won’t be long I think until we’re able to check blood pressure, check your oxygen level and listen to your heart and lungs. So they’re developing right now bluetooth stethoscopes that allow us to do that and I can just see in the near future holding the phone up to your chest and having the doctor examining your heart and lungs that way. So I think this is something that’s going to continue to expand.

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