RehabTracker: Increasing Patient Engagement, Improving Rehab Progress

Because of RehabTracker we’ve seen a
lot of increased motivation and independence, which really helps with our
outcomes. We can help people regain their strength and regain their functional abilities, but they oftentimes need a little support. RehabTracker has been
really beneficial for our patient engagement. They can get a visual picture — where they’re at in their progression while they’re in therapy. It’s really
helped to kind of encourage them to push to reach those goals. They look at it and they’re like, “Oh hey I went from a 2 to a 4!” And then also the family members can encourage them, because they get to see their progress as well. They know their goal is a 6 and so they’ll say, “What do I have to do to meet this goal? You know, my daughter told me I’m one number away from meeting up my goal. What do I have to do?” They get very into it, very motivated. There was a patient where I was telling him, you know, what his goal was and where he’s at now,
and that really pushed him, really made him motivated to walk even further. He’ll
do even better. Just a touch of the button.

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