Rehabilitation Reference Center – Tutorial

Rehabilitation Reference Center is a
comprehensive collection of evidence-based
information for rehabilitation professionals to personalize and print at the point of care. To find rehabilitation reference materials in RRC
you can perform a keyword search or browse for
specific content. To perform a keyword search, enter your topic in the Search box and then
click Search to view a Result List of documents
that contain your search term. The Result List items are presented on a series
of tabs, sorted by source type. If clinical reviews
are present for the term or terms searched, the Clinical Reviews tab is available. Click the
source type tabs to view the Result List items
available on each tab. To view an individual item, click the Title. Continuing Education Unit (CEU) modules are
interactive educational modules that allow
medical professionals to satisfy CE requirements online. To view the available CEUs
for your search terms, click the CEUs tab. Click
a CE Module link in the result list to register with CINAHL, review the module, and take the
test. All Clinical Reviews viewed in HTML format
contain embedded Table of Contents links,
allowing for easy navigation within the document. From this screen you have the option
to print, e-mail, or save. RRC offers several screens where you can
browse for specific document or information
types. These browse screens are accessible via a series of tabs at the top of the screen. The Diseases & Conditions tab contains
evidence-based clinical reviews for specific
diseases, conditions, injuries, surgeries and other rehabilitation topics. Each clinical review is
divided into particular sections for quick access
at the point of care. You can browse most tabs in RRC by specifying a topic name, or navigate
all topics via the A to Z browse list. To view an
item, click the title. The Drug Information tab includes thousands of
represented medicines, plus manufacturers of
drug products, as well as separate drug monographs for systemic topical and EENT drug
formulations. Information on drug interactions,
cautions and toxicity is included, as well as extensive dosage and methods of
administration. The Patient Education tab provides a specific
location to browse for evidence-based patient
handouts. RRC patient handouts are presented in a standardized, easy-to-read format. Most
patient education documents are available in
Spanish, as well as English, and many contain detailed medical illustrations. The Exercise Images tab contains thousands of
images which demonstrate and explain each
exercise. The exercise images are excellent for assisting patients with home exercise routines
and as follow-through to their visit. The Practice Resources tab allows you to
browse for information by the specific resource
or guideline you require. You can browse by Clinical Reviews, Exercise Images, Research
Instruments, Practice Guidelines or Featured
Books. RRC offers a variety of ways to print patient
rehabilitation handouts. Click the Print button on
any topic screen and you’ll have the following options: Simply print the document by clicking
the print button, or personalize the document by
entering patient-specific information. You can also Include an acknowledgement page for the
patient to sign, acknowledging receipt of the
information. RRC includes a personal folder area where you
can store search results, persistent links to
searches, saved searches, and search alerts. From the folder, you can print, e-mail, or save
multiple results at the same time. If you have
signed in to your RRC personal account, any items you collect in your folder are automatically
saved at the end of the session. You can also create custom folders in your
personal folder area. Custom folders can be
especially useful for organizing frequently accessed documents about specific medical
conditions. Within each folder you can store
documents such as Exercise Images, Drug Information, and Practice Resources. Custom
folders can also be shared with other RRC users
by using the Shared Folder feature. Returning to the Home Page, there are several
resources available to you. The Spotlight area contains links to areas of
interest within RRC. Health News provides links
to top news stories via HealthDay news feeds. Search Other Services provides access to
medical resources outside RRC. These
resources might include other EBSCO services, a hospital guidelines site, or any other
resources that are beneficial to clinicians. At any time, click on the Help link to view the
complete online help system.

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