Rehabilitation Patient Responsibility at Raulerson Hospital

– Some people are of the
impression that physical therapy means pain and torture. But we try our best to do
it as pain-free as possible. One of the ways that we do
that, is we coordinate closely, if it was an inpatient at
the hospital, with nursing, so that the patient is
medicated prior to therapy. And we actually try to tell
patients or help patients move in a pain-free range as much as possible. Many patients that we see
think about, they do research on trying to choose the best
surgeon to do their surgery. But surgery is just the beginning. For optimal outcome,
it’s very important to, for the patient to buy in to the rehab. For example, if somebody
is going to have a total knee replacement and they
think that that new hardware put in by an excellent
surgeon is all that they’re going to need, they are wrong. It’s going to take a lot of
work on the part of the patient with training and coaching
from the physical therapist to get their maximum rehab potential. I am a physical therapist
because I like to help people reach their ultimate potential. It’s a very rewarding profession. I’m usually on the living
side of healthcare, so helping people to
get back into the games and what they like to do for fun.

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