Rehabilitation Medicine | Dr. Mike Mizrahi | Weill Cornell Medicine

The types of patients that we typically
see come in with more common things like neck pain back pain joint pain nerve
pain different types of musculoskeletal problems I always enjoy it when after
meeting a patient for the first time and working through their story examining
them and really explain to them what’s going on surprisingly a lot of patients
come in not knowing what to expect thinking that there’s not really
anything that can be done the art of treating patients in pain isn’t just
looking at their imaging studies it’s matching what you see in front of you to
what the patient is telling you and what you’re finding on your physical exam I
can incorporate a lot of the holistic approaches I’ve learned in physical
medicine to rehab as well as some of the technical skill I’ve learned working
with that anesthesiologist to help patients get back to who they want to be
my name is Mike Mizrahi I’m a physiatrist specializing in
interventional pain management with Weill Cornell Medicine and New York

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