Rehabilitation Medicine | Dr. Jennifer Soo Hoo | Weill Cornell Medicine

So as a physiatrist specializing in
sports medicine I see musculoskeletal injuries sports
injuries spine injuries of patients of all different levels of activity every
patient is unique every patient is a little different
biomechanically and everyone has a different goal that they’re trying to
return to I could see someone a 70 year old with low back pain and knee
osteoarthritis who wants to kind of keep up with her daily walking program I
could see a wheelchair basketball athlete who comes in with acute shoulder
pain who wants to get back to playing as soon as possible or I could see like a
collegiate soccer player who has had recurrent ankle sprains and wants a
program to kind of help prevent future sprains my favorite part of seeing a
patient is when they come in and they’re having pain or an issue that no one
seems to be able to figure out or it hasn’t seemed to be able to go away and
seem that smile on their face when they come back and tell me you know I was I
was able to get back on the soccer field and had no pain or you know I finally
walked a mile for the first time in ten years I love hearing those stories my
name is Jennifer Soo Hoo and I’m a podiatrist specializing in sports
medicine with Weill Cornell Medicine New York Presbyterian

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