Rehabilitation in Toronto – West Park Healthcare Centre – A Campus of Care

West Park is one of the best rehab facilities in Toronto if not the whole of Canada. The team here does an incredible
job in getting people back on their feet, giving
them their lives back. West Park was founded in 1904 as a TB sanatorium and since that time
has evolved its programs and services with a continued emphasis on respiratory care. We offer quite well
developed and mature programs in respiratory rehabilitation, amputee
rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation and areas that can increase patients’ quality of
life, their mobility and their reintegration
into the community. Good clinical care cannot take place in
the absence of questions…how do I do this
better? What is the mechanism by which a patient is
limited? What’s the best thing to measure at the
end the program. We’re improving their functional outcomes and we’re enhancing their quality
of life. West Park offers unique treatments. It’s
narrowed the spectrum of care to the things it does really well. West
Park’s expansion will allow us to meet the growing
demands for rehabilitative services. West Park’s campus of care will include
the creation of a residential village that will open the
door to a host of supports and services for seniors and individuals
living with disabilities. Our vision for West Park’s future is to
be an integrated campus of care that truly
models the way of the future for care delivery education and research.

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