Rehabilitation Center | El Camino Hospital

the center is something that we’ve definitely done a lot with the last couple years it’s something that we want to continue to grow and we want to have our outreach to the community as a big part of the year to come every question we had every care that she had was being taken care of awesome they are just awesome that well trained that compassionate they get trained in how to be compassionate and smile and it makes you want to work hard I feel great I a year ago could not eat with a fork or write my name and I’m going to Marta DMV to get my driver’s license back so I yeah I’m very happy and I couldn’t have done it without being here the best part of working here at the rehab center is really the patients I’m a nurse first and what I care about is connecting to that person who’s in the room in our bed and waiting for something next I try to think about every single person who’s in those beds as their family member I’d like to thank everybody for helping me last year I was in a really dark place mentally and physically last year and i always think my lucky stars begin with I always have been like that throughout my life but being here they really did give me a second chance and I feel like I’ve been given another life professionalism kindness I can always tell a good nurse or a person that really cares about their human counterpart I can always tell by if they keep their hands on you if they touch you you get a warm feeling and you know somebody cares more people do that here than any of the hospitals that I’ve been in I’m thinking so positive about the rehab part of it because that’s really why I’m here and I know there’s going to be healing i know that i’m going to be where i was prior to my osteoarthritis i’m just i’m going forward with a real positive attitude and I’m just really excited about that and they have brought that out in me I wasn’t feeling a whole lot hope at first but I do now every accommodation that we had magnet they met so I think it’s a wonderful place and I would rate it five stars you

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