Rehabilitation and Post-acute Options Available for Patients in Hawaii

recovery from an accident or trauma can
take time and require an extensive rehab plan thankfully the skilled health
professionals at Rehab Hospital of the Pacific are specifically trained so that
you can receive the care you need right here in the islands Rehab’s President and
CEO Dr. Timothy Roe joining us now Dr. Roe thank you for being here first of
all I know a lot of people when they think of rehab or extensive rehab they
think I have to go to the mainland to receive the services that I need but
that’s not true no it’s not true at all I mean Rehab Hospital we are the only acute inpatient medical rehabilitation facility in the state
we’re Joint Commission accredited we provide really the highest level of
rehabilitation care equal to any rehab facility on the mainland we compare our
self to our peers and we’re very proud of our results we offer highly
specialized care really focusing on the inpatient side on patients who have had
some type of traumatic injury or severe illness that’s resulted in them becoming
disabled our approach it’s team centered the teams are physician led by
specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation
we’re very effective in you know restoring people who’ve had major
injuries like stroke spinal cord injury traumatic brain injury amputations major
orthopedic trauma we’re getting them back up on their feet making sure they
can care for themselves then getting them home we have one of the highest
return to community rates in the country among rehab facilities you know over 88
percent of our patients are returning home which is really our biggest goal we
have very high levels of patient satisfaction and we really are focused
on being able to provide the kind of care that our patients need here in
Hawaii the last thing you want to be is away from home away from your family so
for us our focus is here in Hawaii making sure our patients have all their
needs met and being able to return the home as quickly and as thoroughly
rehabilitated as we possibly can well that’s great and you’ve pretty much
covered everything that I wanted to ask you but really quickly you know if we
are considering or you know anybody how can we get in contact or how can we find
out information talk to your physicians you
know we can take patients at any point in the system but we can take from
physician referrals or they can just call our rehab we have a patient
admission hotline and we can find someone who can help to assess their
needs and see if rehab is right for them okay well Dr. Roe thank you so much for
being here with us today and of course if you would like more information we’ll
have that all available on our website
this segment is sponsored by Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific

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