Rehabilitation and Human Services Undergraduate Degree Program

The Rehab and Human Services Program here at Penn State is special in a lot of ways. While the major prepare students to work with
persons with disabilities children, adults, older adults, there’s a real strong commitment I
think for our students of “I’d like to make a a difference in
somebody else’s life. I’d like to improve the quality of life.”
>>I think the emphasis on looking at people as people before
labeling or trying to diagnose people. I think that that
is really what makes it stand out from other majors that are similar.>>I’m really drawn to couseling.>>It’s an amazing major with such diversity
and versatility. I just, I just love it. I think the great thing about it is
that it’s so broad, but you can really tailor it to what you want.
>>We give students a lot of flexibility with respect to their electives. So if they want to focus more on working
with kids or older persons, whether they want to focus on a
particular problem like chemical dependency or persons, ex-offenders, they can supplement that
with quite a bit of coursework. The other thing too that I think is important with
our major is our students go out and get real-world experience. So they
do a required six hundred hour internship. And what we find, that’s very
desirable by employers. So it’s more than just
“I have a degree. I also have some experience. This is what I can bring to the job.” So, I
think that kind of makes a difference in terms of our students in RHS.
>>We went to nursing homes, we went on internship crawls and the prison, So I really got to see how much diversity there was in
individuals who graduate with the RHS degree. There’s so much variety. There’s so many options that you can have with a degree in RHS.
>>Many of our students might work as caseworkers, case managers, program coordinators out in the community with people with disabilities. That might be in nursing homes. That might be in a community mental health center. That might be working in an HIV AIDs center, in a crisis center,
women’s resource center.
>>I don’t think that there’s one typical RHS student. I think that anyone can do well as long as you have a passion for helping others and are dedicated to your work. I think that
anyone to be successful. It’s an amazing major.

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