Rehabilitated Ravens Return to the Wild | Hope in the Wild

Hope is taking a well-deserved day off
so Allison is in charge and she’s got a big job ahead of her after several weeks
at the farm a half-dozen juvenile ravens are finally ready for release so the ravens came in mid-April little babies their nest was taken down from
the oil refinery it was in a dangerous location to be ravens typically nest in high areas like cliffs and treetops but these ravens’ mother built her nest on the exhaust of an oil refinery they
were rescued and sent to the rehab earlier in the spring we’ve been hand raising them since they started off in the nursery and as they got stronger and more capable we needed to get them
to learn to fly so we took them out into the fox unit for a while because they
could perch and they needed to exercise their wings and get a little bit of
flight practice in and from there we moved them up to the attic because what
we had in mind is what’s called a soft release for them where they could come
and go until they really got a handle on life in the wild and a life of freedom
so we’ve bounced them around quite a bit and we think they’re ready I’m undecided
if I want to sort of shoo them out or if I just want to let them go out
themselves but everybody loves them because they are so social and so
personable I love rehabbing ravens they grow
really quickly they’re extremely intelligent animals the staff are
gonna be really happy to see them outside and really happy to see them
released you have no idea I love the ravens but they’re big and they’re ready to go they’re loud and just in general they’ve been here too long for these ravens freedom lies just on the other
side of that window

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