Rehab Therapy Helps Stroke Survivors Communicate Again

June is National aphasia Awareness Month
and if you haven’t heard of it well you’re not alone it’s a neurological
disorder that can affect a person’s ability to speak read and write and can
be caused by a stroke brain tumor or dementia restoring these motor functions
for patients is what Rehab Hospital of the Pacific strives to do every day So aphasia is a language disorder it affects
the person’s ability to understand or express information primarily we see
aphasia caused by brain injury or stroke but it can be caused by other
neurological diseases too we first evaluate the patient and see what level
they’re at then we start from there and build on as they keep making
progress we adjust the treatment I had this aphasia because of a sinus
surgery I had when I woke up I learned that I had seizures the doctors had
little hope for me they thought I was goners and I could only hear but I
couldn’t speak with Keith early on he had a lot of difficulties with just
speech production so he may have known what he wanted to see but it wasn’t
connecting or coming out verbally so one way that we help some of the patients is
by singing it helps both sides of the brain to work together it’s amazing they
won’t even be able to say their name or say hi but they’ll sing the entire
birthday song they would talk to me very slowly and and they made me try to
pronounce basic words they actually show me this is what you were able to do
yesterday and this is what you did today so they show me the progress got me back
to where I am today so I’m able to do my job it really does take a whole team to help
a patient along in their recovery the patient is the number one team member
and I think here in Hawaii it’s so much stronger than anywhere else and it’s
really nice that the patients are able to experience their recovery here at
home I would say Rehab Hospital of the Pacific is the best place to recover this segment is sponsored by Rehabilitation of the Pacific

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