Rehab Center in Southern California – Program Overview 2019

This is the top of the world
hike that we take the clients on. It’s a good opportunity for
them to get some physical
movement exercise get out of their
heads as well as connect with nature
spiritually. You see great views anytime we get the clients out
in nature whether that be surfing or
hiking it’s a really good opportunity for them to get
out of their head and get involved in something
positive. I think a big problem that we
see with a lot of our clients is their disconnect with other
people. They’re not only here for substance abuse but
they’re also addicted to social media fake engagements
with people so getting them away
from electronics and outdoors is a really good way to get
them back used to interacting with
people. This is the famous jump rock
where clients can come and conquer
their fears and jump off about a 30 foot jump. One of the biggest things
people are scared of getting
sober scared of recovery. They think their life’s going
to be over but that’s the
exact opposite. By doing little things like
this jumping into the ocean
surfing going on hikes a lot of these
clients and people are scared to do but this just
helps you take a little step showing
you that you can do something that you’re
scared about succeed. Conquer that and then you can
build from there. And that’s one of the main
reasons why we get out there
and do it. Some guys are a little more
well versed doing backflips but it’s all so great. It’s a great opportunity for
the guys to also push one
another. Inevitably you have some guys
that jump off with no hesitation and
then you also have the opposite of that
where the guys have a lot of fear and it’s a great
educational opportunity to see them coach each other
through fear and everything we try to
practice touch on. Well we said earlier is
enjoyment in sobriety. And one of those ways we do is
golf in a lot of people never played golf
before and they come in and
they love it. It’s it’s one of the ways that
we show you that your life isn’t
over. There is a life ahead of you
and you can practice it and do it and have fun sober. And a lot of people don’t try
to get into golf because a
barrier for entry is so high. And we use this group called
the back nine Foundation which they have free clubs free golf lessons free open open shots at the driving
range a few times a week for those people. Take a vested interest to come
in and try and help get them out of their head experience
serenity and experience peace. Like Brian was saying earlier a
lot of people think that
sobriety is the end of their life and through a wide variety
activities we try to show our clients that there is more
to life than drugs and alcohol. You can go out and have fun
sober with your friends. This is the famous sub squatch
It’s a sub for stand up paddle boarding. Plus squats which is like a
Sasquatch because it’s giant. We can fit six people on it on
one time and one of the main things
that we do this for is to promote teamwork
communication accountability because a lot of these a lot of people
don’t know how to work as a
team that a lot of the meaningful
relationships and putting them in a hectic situation like
this does a few things one they’re just
worried about surviving and catching a wave of not
thinking about all the other
stuff they have going on in their
life. They’re also working together to paddle to to catch that wave which is
the ultimate reward after some hard work getting past the
break and then riding a smooth
wave. And sometimes we crash hard
when we crash. Everyone’s laughing having a
good time. We get going and try again. Sometimes it doesn’t go as
planned just like in life things don’t go as
planned you get up and you
keep trying. There’s been days where we’ve
been getting thrashed six seven eight times
in a row and those are some of the best days and then when we
finally make it over that
break and finally catch a wave it’s
a beautiful thing. Everyone’s hugging afterwords
high five even smiling laughing having a
great time. Those are some of the days
that we we live for as a staff members and
helping these guys and seeing them grow like
that. Also when these guys overcome
such a huge challenge like that sometimes
when we go out and you know we’re dealing with
six a 10 foot waves and when they overcome a
challenge like that together
it creates these memories that
they’re never gonna forget. And it helps connect their bond and that’s the whole idea
behind the Brotherhood is we
want these guys to form a bond
together that will hold them together
through anything recovery takes a community you
know and the closer you are to those people in
that community the more
they’re going to be able to help you and vice
versa. And the whole point is we’re
setting them up for success once they get out of here
because they’re the only ones. One of our other themes is
accountability. They’re the only other ones
that are gonna be there for each other and help
each other out. And they’re also gonna have to
hold themselves accountable
they’re not going to be having all
these little safeguards put in place here. So by developing those
relationships and working together as a team
they get comfortable with one
another and they can rely on them to
help keep each other sober by calling them going to
meetings going out and doing fun activities like this. We have a bunch people that
still go surfing today
together they go golfing together
they’ll go to the gym they go to meetings together
and that’s the whole thing. We want to set these guys up
and clients up for success to be successful as
they can when they get out of
here. And this is this is some of the
ways we do that doing boxing in a controlled
safe environment. It gives these guys a chance to
see that they’re stronger than they
think. Some of the guys are more
comfortable with it than
others but the guys that are a little bit
uncomfortable it’s really
great to see them learn how they can use their
body to push themselves and protect
themselves. And just a disclaimer this is
these are all body shops. We don’t force them to do real
boxing but it’s one of the best
workouts for anybody. I suggest everyone gives it a
shot at least you know where everyone’s
dripping sweat. This is an all day experiential
trip Blackstar Canyon that’s a very long and
grueling hike but it’s we like to take the
guys out every now and then as a reward on an all day
experiential so where they don’t have to be in the office
or they can still work on
themselves and continue to grow but
outside in nature. This is probably one of the
most beautiful areas of Orange
County thousand steps in Laguna
Beach. It has some great snorkeling
some great activities or caves explore and it even
has a great surf. I mean there’s nothing like
working hard to get out over
the break and then catching a wave. There’s always got to be some
work and then with your work. There’s a reward at the end. And like Drew was saying
earlier getting over that
break out over the waves sometimes
six to eight 10 foot waves is one of the
biggest challenges and just completing a challenge
and getting through that and
catching a way that gives every client
every person the opportunity to be successful for the day. And that just automatically
puts you in the right mindset to keep building off that be
successful whether it’s in your program OUT IN THE
OCEAN finding a job working with others
being a service it just already put
you in that right state of

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