Rehab After Stroke – West Florida Hospital

(light music) – Over seven million people,
in the United States today have survived a stroke. Hi, my name is Linda
Baily, and I the director of speech pathology and
therapeutic recreation here at West Florida
Rehabilitation Institute. I’d like to take some time today to tell you about our stroke program. West Florida Rehabilitation
Institute has a comprehensive stroke program designed
to maximize the patient and family’s recovery from stroke. An interdisciplinary team
develops an individualized rehabilitation plan, with input
from the family, and patient to help social, psychological,
and physical adjustments to the stroke. A team of experts consists of the rehabilitation
physician, rehab nurses case manager, physical
therapist, occupational therapist speech language pathologist,
recreational therapist psychologist, and others as indicated by the patients’ needs. Therapy is provided to increase
function, and independence in mobility, hygiene, communication feeding and swallowing dressing and grooming,
bowel and bladder, skin care home making, problem solving,
and community reentry. The stroke program at West
Florida Rehabilitation Institute discharges and average of
75 percent of their patients back into their homes, or into
assisted living facilities which is greater than
the national average. If you, or a loved one,
has suffered a stroke you know how devastating it
can be for all concerned. The dedicated staff here at West Florida Rehabilitation Institute is here to help you. Please call. (light music)

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