Regional Medical Center at Memphis – Here for You

this is the best place in the world we take care of all comers and we’re
gonna do everything we can do that so that you have the best possible outcome The MED trains about half of the physicians in the State of Tennessee that means that we touch a lot of people and a lot of lives we educate doctors, we educate nurses, we educate pharmacists we educate technologists and
all kinds of fields no day is the same and every day you get the opportunity to serve someone It was just an amazing experience to be treated here and to know that he was getting the best care possible They were genuinely caring “I prayed to get to the MED, and before I got here, and I said, ‘Doc,’ ‘I’ve already asked one prayer today and it’s been answered, so I’m asking another,’ ‘Just take care of me.’ He said, ‘We’re going to take care of you.’ We’re making a difference in patient’s lives. We see it every single day. Big difference. he was due April 15th, so he was almost three months early he was 1 pound 15 ounces Very little He was on the breathing machine He had tubes everywhere All I saw were tubes when i first went home i had to leave
the hospital without him of course and I was able to call At any time to check on him so you know things that it was always reassuring that he was in good hands the nurses seem like they really enjoy what they do I see them not only with him but with other
babies also there are doing whatever It is that needs to be done for them They’re just really special people and no matter
how small they are they come here with A little personality it’s a pleasure to watch them grow I am very grateful When he grows up, Dad says that he’s going to be a basket ball player Me – I don’t know – maybe a doctor. it is just really nice to know that what we’re
doing is working I’ve been here three weeks A little better and I’ve seen people come in Train wrecks, burnt, And all kinds of terrible things, and I See them get better I you look at Trauma as a disease,

It’s the leading cause of death for people less than forty four years of age It accounts for more years of potential
Life lost than both cancer and heart disease combined Life can change at a moment’s time you can never be fully prepared But it helps when you have people to take care of you they treat you like family and Want to make sure you’re comfortable They told us that He could hear everything that was going on so continue to talk with him give him encouragement The nursing staff talked with me About patients that they have taken care of in
the past that had Brain injuries Whatever he has You may go in at one o’clock and visit and he may still be Just laying there, eyes closed and not responding, and you may go back
at five o’clock and he’s actually Sitting up With his eyes open so You know that gives you something to look forward to you know they give you hope It helps when you know What’s ahead of you and that’s What they’ve prepared me for, what’s ahead. They touch your heart and to be a part of this team here is an
amazing experience I’m glad to be a MED nurse. The Lord is using this place using the medical staff and they work hard People see the MED now Differently than they did years ago They see that it is an efficiently run hospital Where employees are satisfied and are giving their best They see a place that is performing Some miraculous medical services and i think they are learning to see the MED as a place of choice It is a place where miracles happen every single day.

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