Regenexx vs. Other Orthopedic Stem Cell Treatments

In recent years,
stem cell clinics are popping up
everywhere, claiming to treat ailments of all kinds. To see how Regenexx is superior
to other stem cell solutions, it’s helpful to do a
side by side comparison. Regenexx is 100% focused on
treating orthopedic conditions. All of the doctors in
the Regenexx network are handpicked
musculoskeletal experts who receive continual
training on Regenexx developed techniques. The Anytown, USA clinic
treats all kinds of ailments. Orthopedic problems are
just another line item on their menu. The doctors are often
minimally skilled in musculoskeletal injections,
and have little expertise in stem cell treatments. Regenexx has more
scientific publications supporting its methods than
any other orthopedic stem cell procedure. The only papers being
published at the Anytown, USA clinic are invoices. The Regenexx stem cell
protocol has been researched for more than a decade. It involves a series of
injections that happen over the course of a
few office visits, following an extensive
review of your condition. Everything about
the procedure is designed to produce the
best possible result. No corners are cut. At the Anytown, USA
clinic, the cut rate prices reflect the cut rate services,
as well as the quality of the stem cell procedure. Regenexx employs a
dedicated lab research team with the
state of a art stem cell laboratory to continually
test and improve what we do. They frequently have
technological breakthroughs that widen the gap even
further between Regenexx and other solutions. The Anytown, USA
clinic does no research to improve what they do. The Regenexx procedure
utilizes stem cells derived from bone
marrow, because research has shown this sort to be
superior for orthopedic use. The Anytown, USA clinic throws
this research out the window and uses stem cells
derived from fat, because it’s plentiful,
easy to get to, and that’s usually all
they know how to do. Anytown, USA clinic uses a
simple, automated centrifuge to prepare your cells. Just push a button and out pop
your stem cells, or at least what’s left of them. Regenexx Technicians
process your cells in a lab at their office,
isolating 10 to 20 times the number of stem
cells that are extracted using an automated centrifuge. And unlike Anytown,
USA clinic, Regenexx uses advanced equipment that
counts the cells in your sample in order to tailor the treatment
to your unique condition. Research has shown
blind injections to be highly
inaccurate, even when performed by the most
experienced doctors. But at the Anytown, USA
clinic, close is good enough. Regenexx physicians
achieve optimal results by using sophisticated
ultrasound or fluoroscopy guidance to place
stem cells precisely into the targeted area. Regenexx tracks patient
outcomes at regular intervals, using the world’s largest
and most sophisticated clinical registry in orthopedic
stem cell treatments. Our scientists crunch these
numbers on a semiannual basis, and we openly and
transparently share the results with the public. Anytown, USA clinic is happy to
lead the orthopedic stem cell research and patient outcome
data up to someone else. It’s your health,
so insure yourself the best possible outcome. If you’re considering a
regenerative treatment for an orthopedic condition,
stack the odds in your favor by choosing Regenexx, the
world’s most advanced stem cell procedures.

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