Reducing the Risk of Stroke | Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital

Hi! I’m Sherry,
Chief Nursing Officer at SKY Rehab. A considerable number of our patients have
suffered a stroke. Our goal is to not only minimize the effects
of a stroke, but to also educate our patients and families
on risk and prevention. How can you lessen your risk of a stroke? Talk to your primary care provider. Modifiable risks, such as smoking, weight,
cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure are all things your provider can work with you
to minimize your risk of stroke. Age, gender, race, cardiac disease, arterial
diseases and previous strokes are also factors that could increase your risk for a stroke. Your provider can help work with those things
to make sure that your brain stays happy and healthy. As a Center for Excellence for Stroke, SKY
can provide you and your loved ones any stroke care needs that you may have. Thank you!

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