Recycling plastic at Aarhus University Hospital

HOW AARHUS UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL IS RECYCLING PLASTIC – REDUCING WASTE ERNOURMOUSLY Every day operations and procedures are performed at Aarhus University Hospital leaving huge amounts of plastic waste. Aarhus University Hospital produces 3300 tons of waste every year. Plastic waste constitutes around 300 tons, which can actually be recycled. There is a huge potential for doing something about this problem. Right now we are burning all waste and we are looking for ways to do something more sensible. Central Denmark Region and Aarhus University Hospital have made a joint project on recycling as much hospital waste as possible. The overall goal is that we in collaboration with our suppliers can find a way to increase the amount of plastic waste to be recycled. The project is part of Central Denmark Regions effort to promote circular economy to increase recycling and reduced consumption of resources. We cannot continue to use the same amount of resources. We have to think about future generations. We have to start circular economy and recycling to a much greater extent than today. The project at Aarhus University Hospital is a unique opportunity to learn more about the life cycle of the products. It is also interesting for international stakeholders and suppliers of hospital equipment. It is a really positive experience to have a collaboration with the suppliers – and they really want to collaborate. We collaborate with Health Care Plastic Recycling Council, which includes of some of our biggest suppliers. They are really interested in this and have made it a priority to do something about this area. The Central Denmark Region goal is that 70% of all solid waste i the region can be recycled in 2030. This requires collaboration both nationally and internationally. I am invited to go abroad and tell about our project and this tells me that this is also interesting outside Denmark.

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