Recovery is Easier with the Help of REHAB Hospital of the Pacific

from healing something like an ankle
injury to helping stroke victims walk talk and eat again the rehab hospital of
the Pacific is the premier acute care facility in the islands and they’ve been
serving the people of Hawaii for 65 years Rehab Hospital of the Pacific is
different than other rehab facilities in the state in that we’re the only acute
level Hospital here we have speech therapy occupational therapy and
physical therapy acute rehabilitation hospital is an inpatient hospital where
the focus or the specialty is rehabilitating patients the goal is to
teach them to be as self-sufficient as possible one thing that sets acute rehab
differently than other rehab facilities is the requirement for therapy so it’s
pretty intense pretty rigorous it’s three hours of therapy a day five days a
week so that amounts to 15 hours of therapy they also have closer physician
oversight so a physician usually sees them every day or five days a week we’re
really trying to get them as good as they can be in a short period of time
and then to go on to the next step which is usually home therapy or outpatient
therapy I guess I had what’s called an AVM I was
born with it I was at work and then I collapsed when I had my surgery I guess
I had a stroke I just remember waking up at the Rehab Hospital with Chandler
following his stroke he had difficulties not only related to language but with
thinking skills if we have aphasia that’s gonna affect our ability to
comprehend process and use information that we read or hear we worked on
everything with Chandler from listening to reading to writing as well and he’s
come a long way but it was hard work he had to do not only work with us in
therapy but he had to do a lot of homework everyone here has been really
encouraging and helpful my speech therapist Kori has really helped me in
my process people should choose Rehab Hospital of the Pacific they’ll get the most
intensive therapy here the closest medical supervision you know we have
staff who love to treat patients people enjoy the work that they do you know
they put a lot of their energy and time into helping these patients get better
so I know that we have good staff that really want the patients to be as good
as they can be before they go home this segment is sponsored by
Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific visit
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