Recovering from Rehab

If I’ve got a glass of water, and I hold
it in my right hand, I can hold it all day. I can put it in my left hand and it’d be just
fine, and just drop it. It, it changed my life when I got up there and got hurt. Brad McGahey was working at a chicken processing plant when his hand got caught in a conveyor belt. That was in 2010. Today, Brad lives where he grew up. When he got injured, he was more than 200 miles away from home. So I mean, like, in my everyday stuff that I used to do, I can’t do anymore. I’ve always worked for myself, worked on a farm, traded – just done my own thing. And I bought a horse trailer that was stolen. End up getting caught. Instead of going to prison, they sentenced me to CAAIR. CAAIR. Christian Alcoholics & Addicts in
Recovery. Addiction affects almost everyone – the individual, the family and society as a whole. CAAIR is a long-term, faith-based recovery center in Jay, Oklahoma. But Brad had no history of drug or alcohol problems. The judge said – he said, “I want
you to go experience what it is to work.” CAAIR glossed over one thing. To this day,
it’s absent from their brochures, website and promo videos. Chicken processing plants. Chicken company executives started CAAIR. They built the program a short drive away from existing chicken processing plants that were having trouble filling their shifts. Or as CAAIR puts it: All operations are funded through work providers and private donations. CAAIR keeps their payments. The men make nothing. It was just a … it was just a slave camp. That’s all it was. They work full time churning out chicken
for some of the country’s biggest names. If men get sick, hurt or work too slowly,
they are threatened with prison. Two months into the program, at the chicken plant, Brad’s hand got caught in one of the machines. I felt like something had cut my hand off, and then it just burned real bad. Since he could no longer work, he
left CAAIR and was sent to prison. But all this is my dad’s. The whole time I was there, they were saying, “You did that on purpose just to get to go home. You did – you did that.” Why would you break your own hand or take a chance of cutting your hand off to go home? I mean, I was supposed to be there a year. I’m not gonna risk my hand for a year. Try and make a fist for me again. See, I had to use my whole arm. That finger right there, I really don’t have no control over. I do, but do you see how it flops? I gotta quit messing with it too much. It gets hurting. Seven years later, the only thing that
seems to help is pain pills. I never was addicted to anything in my life till all this happened. And then now, I have to have them. I’m just gonna live through my kids
now, and get them to where they can go rope and stuff. I mean, I’ll go just a little bit, but that’s it. There ain’t no telling. There it is. Are you gonna smile at them? Huh? [laughs] I’ve accepted it now and I’ve learned
how to do with what I got. I just don’t want to see it ruin somebody else’s life.

11 thoughts on “Recovering from Rehab

  1. CAAIR is slave labor, and committed workers comp fraud… Has no medical staff. They pay you nothing for working, not even enough to buy a pack of cigarettes… And if you are sick or hurt they send you to a quack doctor…
    I'm ready for my day in court with CAAIR…

  2. CAAIR SHOULD BE DESTROYED! IT IS IN NO WAY A REHAB FACILITY, AND HAS NO MEDICAL STAFF ON SIGHT! Anyone who supports CAAIR should be dragged into the street and shot in the head! Fuck CAAIR!!!

  3. You've done so many people wrong and care we're going to get your money in a class action lawsuit and shut your operation down goodbye care

  4. Anyone who is an affiliation with this place should be stripped of all money in every account to pay for their crimes. The only way to hurt people that do this is to take all of their money and close her operation down

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