Recovering at the hospital

♪ Welcome to Vlogmass ♪ ♪ Where I vlog everyday ♪ ♪ It’ll probably be boring ♪ ♪ But I hope you’ll stay ♪ Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate! I am in so much pain but I’m so happy. I’m so so so happy. He’s such a sweetie, I love him so much. I’m so happy. He’s perfect. I’m gonna cry again. Alright, so if you guys
haven’t seen my main vlog of the birth, go watch that,
it’s on my main channel. This is just like the day after I had him. I had him yesterday. But go watch that and enjoy that. And this is the next day. I’m so tired, I haven’t slept at all. And I don’t care, I’m so
happy to not be pregnant. I feel like me again and I have a baby now and he’s perfect and I love him so much. He’s breast feeding pretty
good, he’s learning. And he’s really cuddly and really sweet. And he has a really cute cry. But he’s really sweet. He doesn’t have a name still. I don’t have a name picked out. Anyway just want to check in with you guys and say I’m okay, baby’s
great, really healthy, and I am just in a lot of
pain from all the ripping and tearing and stitches,
there’s like literally a thousand stitches inside
of my vagina, and around it. It’s really painful. But my baby’s perfect, I love him so much. And yeah, I love you guys. I’ll try to vlog later
but I’m really tired so maybe I won’t. (calm guitar music) – [Dad] Give me a big smile, love. – Are you eating daddy’s hand? Look at his cute little face. Hi bunny. Oh I’m definitely naked. We’re trying to figure
out his name right now. I know I look atrocious. Thank God the camera’s
like, “Ew, you’re so gross, “I’m not focusing on you.” Well I’m trying to figure
out a name for him. We’re just looking at him. I keep going back to the same name. So I think maybe that’s his name. He’s so cute and perfect,
I love him so much. So cute, look at his face. He’s so cute. I am feeding the baby right now. Eric and I are just
talking about something that has bugged us the
whole entire pregnancy, and I’ve never talked about it on camera. I am positive I’ve never
looked worse by the way, and so I’m sorry, but I just
had a baby so I don’t care. Something that has bugged
us the entire pregnancy and we always make fun
of, hey buddy, you okay? Are you sleeping? Because he came early, he was 36 weeks, baby’s are supposed to be
40 weeks when they come out. He’s technically pre-term baby. Hello, did you fall
asleep during breakfast? But the things they compare
the size of the baby to, this has bugged me before
I ever got pregnant, but I thought once I got pregnant, I would like think it
was cool or something. On pregnancy apps they
compare the size of your baby when it’s growing in you, to like a fruit or a vegetable or you know whatever, you can pick different
things, and one of the apps we have it compares it to like a fun game, a Parisian baking treat, you know, different things like that. Every week Eric and I would like read it and get so mad at how dumb it was because it never was like a real thing. Like the only two times I was
like, oh that makes sense, was a little Lego man, we were in Ireland. Cabbage Patch doll, like
something that’s like always that size, but normally it was like, it would say things like,
it’s the size of a shoe, and you’re like, there’s
every size of shoe. There’s shoes for babies that are this big and there’s shoes for people like my dad who have size 13.5 feet. So anyway, he’s supposed
to be in me still, so the app told us what
his size was, and it was a plate of what, love? – [Dad] Tray of Madeline cookies. – A tray of Madeline cookies. Like that’s not a thing. A tray of Madeline cookies, like– – [Dad] Skunk. – What are you talking about? So anyway, we’re just
making fun of the fact that he’s this huge baby that’s literally breast feeding on me right now. And my app says that this week, he might kick a little
less, and he’s also the size of a tray of Madeline cookies. And I’m like looking at him,
going, what are they, like they couldn’t have found anything
else to compare him to. We haven’t slept, I slept
last night for 20 minutes and then a few hours later I
slept again for 20 minutes. So that was good. I think I’ve slept a total
of like maybe an hour since, since my water broke. And before my water broke, I
think I slept two and a half hours or three hours,
so I’m running on steam. And I need to burp you
cause I think you’re done. Are you done bunny? He’s the best. Are you all done? He’s getting really good
at breast feeding too. He’s like, I know how
to do this, mayma jayma, I open my mouth and then I suck it out. Which is really awesome
cause breastfeeding, you would think like, you
just put a baby on your boob and then that’s it, it’s
actually really hard. And it’s like hard work and it’s painful and like takes a lot of energy
and effort from both of us. So he’s doing a really good
job, I’m very proud of him. Good morning everyone. How weird that this is what
Vlogmass has turned into. Like there’s a baby on me. He’s had a rough morning. His squishy face. I want to try my hardest
to catch up on these vlogs even though I’m a brand new
mom, I haven’t slept at all. I really like vlogging,
and I think I’ll enjoy having these later in
life, like to look back on. I just have to say, like
I feel so much better now that I’m not pregnant anymore. Hi buddy, you okay, you okay? I’m ripped to shreds, really painful. My stomach is cramping
because everything’s kind of going back to where it needs to go. I still look nine months pregnant. Like my stomach, it
doesn’t deflate right away. Like it takes a long time. But I’m in a lot of
pain and I haven’t slept and I don’t care, I’m so happy. He’s so cute I could cry,
I could cry he’s so cute. We’re talking about you. Oh I think the worst part about, sorry I’m just going to
talk with my eyes closed, because this is like,
kind of like sleeping, cause maybe if I close my
eyes while I’m talking, it’ll trick my body into
thinking that I slept. Oh my, you okay, you stretching? He’s so tiny. You guys, you can’t really
tell from like videos and pictures, you
stretching out your legs, you used to do that when
you were inside of me, but he’s so tiny, he literally
doesn’t even look that tiny right now, but he’s really tiny. Are you doing okay? He looks so much like Eric. But when I was pregnant,
I didn’t feel like me, and that was one of the
hardest things is that I would cry all the time, I was like, who’s that girl, like that I used to be? I don’t know who she is
anymore, I don’t know if I’ll ever be myself again. I was just sad like all the time. And literally the second
he came out of me, I was like, I’m me again. Like now I feel like myself,
I feel like, I don’t know. I’m just so much happier and
I just feel like a person. And I didn’t before. Even though I haven’t slept
and I’m in a lot of pain, I’m in so much pain, I don’t even care, cause look how perfect
he is, those cheeks. We’re best friends. Aren’t we little buddy,
we’re best friends. So I’m gonna try my hardest to vlog. Probably not gonna do
a very good job editing cause I just fall asleep
like, not fall asleep but like my eyes close and like I can’t
open them while I’m editing. So they’re probably won’t be a lot of, look at the bags under my eyes, guys. Prada is shaking, Gucci is shaking. The bags under my eyes are insane, like look at that, that’s wild. They won’t be edited well
because I’m busy being a mommy. But I do want to have
this footage later in life to look back on, like I do
think it will be really cool in a few years or even like a few months, to look back and like see
my first days with him. So we’ve been at the hospital
since yesterday morning. Wait, no, two days ago. Two days ago, in the
morning, is when we’re here. We’ve spent two nights
here, and they’re saying we get to go home today,
which would be amazing. So hopefully we’ll go home, and hopefully you’ll have a name, we’re
getting close to picking a name. (piano music) – I love you. Oh my goodness, welcome. You a big boy. (piano music) (upbeat music) I took a shower, it was
great, I’m very over-exposed which you’re welcome for
that because you don’t want to see what I look like right now. Oh wow, pain. And we didn’t have an outfit for him to come home from the hospital in because we didn’t plan for
this to happen so quickly. He was born so early
so I had Corey run out and buy a few outfits
and I want him to wear a Christmas outfit because I get to have a baby on Christmas. So I think I’m going to have him in this. It has little reindeer toes. A little beanie, I need to
get him a Christmas hat, like a little, I bet they
have beanies for babies that are Santa hats. – [Woman] I betcha they do. – Oh my gosh, I’m so excited I
get to have a Christmas baby. So we’re just getting
ready cause they’re saying we get to go home today, so
Eric’s with him right now, they’re doing some tests and what not, and then they’re gonna discharge us, but we have to pack up and
it’s probably going to be a few more hours, but I get
to go home with my baby today. This is crazy, I can’t believe,
I haven’t edited anything. I keep trying to edit but
I just fall asleep or, and by fall asleep I mean my eyes close and I’m not actually asleep,
we get too tired and I can’t, I don’t know, I can’t do
anything, I’m so tired, okay bye. Time to go home, I’m a
disaster, but he looks cute. It’s his first outfit he’s ever worn. I’ll show it to you later, he’s sleeping, so we’re going home, yeah. (calm instrumental music)

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