Reconstructive Surgery – Dr. Win Moore, M.D. – Baxter Regional Bone & Joint Clinic

One of the most rewarding areas in orthopaedics
is the area of reconstructive surgery. For most of us that means joint replacement
whether it be hip, knee, shoulder, elbow. It’s really rewarding primarily because we
can change a patient’s life very quickly. Someone comes to us with pain or a disability,
the reconstructive surgery allows them to get back in the game, back to whatever they
like to do. It’s almost an instant improvement in their
lifestyle. The practice of reconstructive surgery has
changed over the years, not rapidly but each year something new comes out that really improves
our ability to help our patients. We’ve had in the last several years, for
example the reverse total shoulder that completely changed how we dealt with arthritis in a patient
that has no rotator cuff. Prior to that we were limited. A patient really didn’t have a lot of options. We started doing those several years ago,
and it’s really helped the patients. They’re now able to regain function and
improve their pain. In the area of hip replacement surgery, we have
changed not really implants, but the way we put them in. We’ve gone from the posterior approach to
the lateral approach and now to the direct anterior approach, which has really improved
the recovery time. It’s shortened the recovery time. It has also eliminated a lot of the restrictions
we place on a patient after surgery. So reconstruction is very rewarding to orthopaedic
surgeons, and rewarding for the patient. They’re able to really get back into life
very quickly. So most of us really enjoy that aspect of
orthopaedic surgery.

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