Rebecca Pengilly, M.D., Family Medicine – The Corvallis Clinic at Waverly Drive/Albany

I think my patients would view me as a
physician who listens and cares about the patient’s concern but is also like a
friend in my course of my practice I have not moved from place to place after
residency I stayed in Watertown South Dakota and then made the decision to
come here to work for the Corvallis Clinic, I appreciate being able to
practice medicine the way I want to practice medicine, I like to talk to the
patient’s, visit see what their concerns are, and see if I can help them with
their problems I believe that listening is anywhere
from 50 to 70 percent of your diagnosis so if you don’t listen to what the
patients say and you assume you can end up with an unhappy patient or wrong
diagnosis. I’ve been married to my husband for about 26 years and he’s a
wonderful guy, we have three children eldest, is a daughter Elena, who’s going
to school at the University of Wyoming. second is Emily, my daughter who just
graduated from the Dakota Wesleyan University in South Dakota, then I have
my son Ryan, we also have two dogs which are Emily’s, although we’re taking care of them as
family dogs, and then two Maine Coon cats some of my hobbies consist of
playing with the animals doing things with my children, I think patients like
to see me because they know that I will be listening to their concerns and doing
my best to figure out what they need to make them feel better, my goals for
moving here to Oregon is to establish myself as a family physician and
basically be a country doctor.

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