Hey, guys! Welcome to my channel! If you were given a chance to get plastic surgery in South Korea for FREE and change whatever part of your face or body and all for FREE, would you go for it? Interestingly, when I asked the same question on my Instagram 59% answered “NO, I LOVE MYSELF.” However, 41% answered
“YES, I WANT TO CHANGE A LOT!” The goal of this video is not to shade or criticize
those who have gone through or those who want to go through
PLASTIC SURGERY. I was bullied when I was in
elementary and in high-school Because I have wide forehead my classmates used to call me “ALIEN” As a vlogger, I’ve been bashed
and hated on thousands of times I get a lot of hate messages from random people They tell me I look like a “monkey”
They say I don’t deserve to be called a “beauty vlogger” They tell me I shouldn’t go near other beauty vloggers
as I look like a “maid” next to them Some viewers even go to the extent of
directly telling me that I should just get plastic surgery
because I look really ugly. Truth be told, 3 clinics in South Korea have offered me FREE PLASTIC SURGERY on any part of my face or my body,
ALL FOR FREE! Initially, I was really excited and curious to see what really happens inside a
PLASTIC SURGERY clinic in South Kora. That’s why I didn’t want to miss the chance I personally went to a plastic surgery in Gangnam So, I will be sharing my experience upon visiting
a plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam, South Korea

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