Real experience in the QUT Bachelor of Nursing

Hi my name is Yike. I’m an international student studying a Bachelor of Nursing at QUT. I’m from Sichuan, China. Today let me tell you a little bit about my
life as an international student at QUT. [ON SCREEN TITLE]:
Why did you choose QUT? I chose to come to QUT due to a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is that QUT can condense the three year nursing course into two years for students who already have a bachelor degree
– just like me. But the main reason I chose QUT is because
of its practical varieties. Clinical practice is my favourite part of
this course. On campus I have access to world class training
facilities in this clinical simulation centre. Everything here is just the same as a ward
in the real hospital and there’s interactive mannequin is the best patient ever I can practice with. Every time before my placement commences,
I will come to this simulation centre to practice my practical skills, just like this ECG and I will spend probably like 10 hours here before each placement. The good thing is there will be one session
each week where students from third year will come to help us to do our practice skills. [ON SCREEN TITLE]:
How is life as a QUT student? What I really love about being a student here
is that QUT is very student centred. There is always someone there to help me out
when I was in time of difficulty. For example, English is my second language
and I was worried about my communication skills in the health care context before and
then I found that QUT held communication workshops for nursing international students every semester. This workshop has taught me how to communicate
efficiently with patients and colleagues in a hospital. And this has also made me feel less anxious
and more confident in the placement. There are numerous clubs and societies in
QUT and I am currently enrolled in the SUN – the Society of Undergraduate Nurses. This is where I meet all my friends and get support from third year nursing students both academically and socially. [ON SCREEN TITLE]:
How is life in leisure time? I always have wonderful leisure time. During the weekdays I like jogging along the
riverside and at weekends I often drive to Gold Coast with my friends to enjoy the beach time. Or go hiking in a national park around Brisbane City. When I miss my home town dishes, I’ll go
dining in some authentic Chinese restaurants. Sometimes I invite friends to my place to
have hot pot parties. [ON SCREEN TITLE]:
Advice to other international students? My advice to prospective students would be
when you’re choosing your future major, make sure you follow your heart and passion. The reason why I want to be a nurse is because when I was a kid I was living in the hospital for a long time. At that time, I realised how nurse care
can make a difference to a patient’s life and now I want to make a difference to other
people’s lives as well. And QUT can take me there.

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