73 thoughts on “Real Doctor Vs YouTube Challenges

  1. Both my brother and I as babys completely rejected baby food. We apparently didn't like it, spit it out and started to cry. My mother always cooked homemade baby food for us and we both ate that without any complaints. At least that's what my mother told me, but I believe her as I am still very picky with food.

  2. 3:35 I have a really strong gag reflex as well 😞

    when the doctor was sticking that thing into my mouth to get my saliva or something before he put it in I vomited

  3. Okay so I did the salt and ice challenge as a dare with a heart ice cube and had a love heart burn on my palm for about 10 months. So much regret

  4. I am curious about something. You connected cinnamon in the lungs with pneumonia… years ago, I got a "significant" amount of cola into my lungs. I coughed a lot but felt ok after maybe 5 minutes and thought nothing more about it. A little over a week later, I got a serious case of pneumonia (I ended up in the ICU). Was this due to the cola?

  5. That is what that spray is, I thought it was something that would like disable the censors in the skin cells. All it does is make it cold and numbs it, oh.

  6. Everytime I hear about the cinnamon challenge I remember the time my friend and I tried it and she swallowed the cinnamon no problem and i choked and almost passed out

  7. I hate lips, I was drinking a thicc milkshake and it warped my lips to be uncomfortably asymmetrical for the rest of the day.

  8. I did something stupid when I was younger…

    I split my chin on a coffee table. Now I have stitches on my chin.. oopsies!

  9. Youtube: Demonitizes videos that have music from other creators.
    Also Youtube: Allows videos that can cause death and mostly pneumonia.

  10. Surprised you didn't include people eating loads of sugar-free gummy bears.
    It's not a challenge but…they get SO sick lol

  11. The Kylie jenner challenge I did it when I was 9 not because of the challenge it was because of my 9 years old mind the bottle got stuck in my mouth and my dad had to remove it

  12. Lady:a hundred cabillion people have been asking me to do the cinnamon challenge
    Dr Mike:I didn't ask her


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