42 thoughts on “Real Doctor vs TV Doctor | Medical Drama Myths | Doctor Mike

  1. anyone else couldn’t tell the difference between him and McDreamy in the thumbnail at first or do I just need new contacts?

  2. I love the video as always, buuuut
    My sister and I just inhaled like thirteen balloons filled with helium…..is that bad for our health?

  3. Wow, dude! I didn’t know things were so difficult in the US for doctors financially! I wonder how it’s over here, though… because we have public universities (so tuition is much cheaper and even free in some cases), and doctors are public employees because healthcare is public, so I’m not sure if doctors have to pay for malpractice insurance themselves, and they certainly don’t have to pay for their job tools.

  4. It is so appreciable that you mentioned the nurses n MAs n other medical staff as 'the backbone of hospitals', cause they really are. But the TV audience doesn't get that.. And yes.. Even I want to become a doctor, just like you! You're my inspiration! 😄😘👐 Sending lots of love from India ❤ 💕💕

  5. This channel should be named Mike corrects every medical show.With his complex😵😵😵🤧🤐 explanations like my old theatre teacher. Thxs grandpa .Mike🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😀😀

  6. The closest thing to the perfect guy 😍😇❤️🥰

    Good looking 😏
    Great abs lol 😂
    Good personality/person 😇
    Kind and caring 😘
    Literally saves lives
    Hubby/dad material 🙈
    Loves dogs 🐕

    I can keep going 😂

  7. Who thinks that being a doctor is easy?? What the what. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to break the news of someone's passing. Especially if it was telling a parent they lost their child.

  8. I love watching your channel but am I the only one who noticed the gorgeous snowy background out the window?

    (No, I'm not going to search the comments)😂

  9. I think doctors should be payed more. Like, famous football players and other famous sports players are payed so well, and I think they’re overrated. Sure, I think they should be well payed, but I think doctors should be payed more than them because they actually do something for the world, just like teachers

  10. Pregnancy can be hard. With my youngest I lost 50+ pounds and had to have my gallbladder removed at 20 weeks gestation. It was a very difficult time emotionally and medically; however, the medical staff was very compassionate and did all they could to comfort me. Great medical staff makes a huge difference for patients. I’m loving these videos and the knowledge he’s sharing.

  11. What about the cadavers.. How do you.. cut people.. just like that.. And take out their internal stuff.. And just like that.. BLEGGHHH!

  12. My mom has worked as a nurse for 20+ something years, and straight after that she got recommended to become a VD and ceo at some hospitals, she the took the job and is one of the most known vd/CEos in my town at the moment,she's literally saved alot of hospital in my region from going bankrupt and made them improve on how they handle their patient and sanitations and whatnot. her pay? she get rougly 119000 dollar a year. Keep in mind, where i live, you arent allowed to be rich,so because she earns alot of money she has to pay 50% ,that is HALF of her pay in taxes..which sucks. but yeah. its pretty amazing considering ive been grown up in a poor family where i couldnt even get 10 bucks to buy candy as an 8 years old. I truly adore her she has worked incredibly hard.

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