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  1. Your requests have been heard! The Good Doctor #2 review is now LIVE – https://youtu.be/Jawdj_L0GpQ
    Please keep submitting the shows and episodes you'd like for me to review. Love you all!

  2. Sometimes when I’m watching *The Good Doctor*, I find myself waiting and hoping for him to come into the hospital with a wig on and say “My name is Norma Bates and I need medical attention”🤣

  3. 8:31 I just realized that I don’t make eye contact with any people I talk to because I’m very uncomfortable, but I hope that’s different 😂

  4. Lo bueno de the good doctor es q no hay mucho romance como en las otras serie de doctores es mas me identifico con el en no querrer amar anadie..

  5. As a mother of an mild autistic child whose 11 now..is very intelligent is doing algebra can Reamember everything that is said by his teacher with out looking at anything written on the board and repeat it back to her can name alot of bridges and buildings he has never been too or seen in real life yet..he great listening skills so watching the good doctor and the way this man portray an autistic person to be is actually accurate they do process things in that way.

  6. I have a son with Autism. The Good doctor doesn’t come across as totally super human, but the way my son does socially. He is exactly the way this actor portrayed a highly functioning Autistic with Asperger’s syndrome. It was reclassified into the spectrum a few years ago. He is getting better socially, and I did seek intervention for him early on. He has a mind of his own however, and he will tell you what he wants to do.
    I feel that he exceeds others in Highschool in many ways than a normal teen, and lags behind in other areas. He doesn’t care about girls, and approaches them as a subject after college when he is settled. He does this in a logical way, and to him it is common sense. Instead of girls, he has this aspiration to make robot technology, but to hear him talk about the possible pitfalls is somewhat troubling sometimes. He has a savant side when he discusses them. The possibility of how AI could go wrong towards humanity, and how it could help it. I’m not a pushover when it comes to discussions, and so I am able to try and reign in that almost evil genius side that could be. Basically, while he may think and approach life altogether differently, he does have a different sense of humor and so much more.
    One thing I would caution anyone that has a kid on the spectrum, please be very careful near any bodies of water when they are younger. The water has a calming and magnetic effect. It draws these children to the beauty and sparkle of what water is. He described to me a terrifying ordeal years earlier where my ex husband lost his focus on our child at Lake Michigan, and was focused on some young ladies. At the time I was watching the other children, and basically had my hands full. I realized fast, he had slipped away and alerted the beach personnel fast. We found him, and some other adults had stopped him from crawling into the lake. The explanation gives why these children are drawn. The sensory input that troubles them unlike other kids is reduced by water. The effects of the sun reflecting on the water is like a moth to a flame. We made sure he had swimming lessons after this experience. As an older child, he consciously knows the water can be unsafe. His explanation of why it drew him to go to the water is something I would caution any parent of an Autistic child. Never allow them near water without good supervision, especially at a very young age.
    The show is correct in the way it shows him rock and cover his ears. My son uses a fan at night as sort of a calming noise to help him sleep, like the good doctor with his dripping faucet, it’s a coping mechanism. There are things that can overwhelm them sensory wise that would not make anyone that doesn’t have autism bothered. Anyways, I could go on and on, but they are near perfect on the character. Knowing the spectrum as a doctor is one thing, but having one in your life is a whole different experience. Well, take care all.

  7. In case of tension pneumothorax after inserting a wide bore needle the tension pneumothorax is converted into open pneumothorax connecting it to rubber tube and keeping it underwater is also done….

  8. When he said surgeons should improve their communication skills, I straight up thought he was about to do a Skillshare ad.

  9. I'm so interested!!😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣I'm really interested!😂😂lol wow !! It's like I'm back in health class😵😵😂😄

  10. Doctor Mike, you said at 1:09 that the first thing to do is to apply pressure on the wound, but the wound was surrounded by small pieces of glass. Wouldn’t it be very dangerous to apply pressure on those glass pieces in the wound and dig them even further into the neck and perhaps in the muscles or bloodstream? I love your videos. They are fun to watch and very educational.

  11. I hate it when there are 2 blankets in the floor that are really soft and im here on this really cold couch freezing to death….. the blankets spell like dog pee and cat pee and its like 10pm… plz halp

  12. Lord I hate how so much media god worships Autism and doesn't show even high functioning autism in a realistic light or show low functioning at all. This sets unrealistically high expectations that I believe to be far more harmful than even outright ridicule.

  13. I have autism and seeing this made me cry, because no one ever shows what it’s like to have autism, and I feel like that this almost Shows what it’s like.

  14. 7:00 also it increases the risk of developing a latex allergy because you breathe in any talcum that's been stuck to the glove for ages.
    9:00 just please stay away from ABA techniques.

  15. I swear just as u were saying the actor reminds you of zac Efron I was thinking how you remind me of Iustin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada xD

  16. “PUT YOUR MASK ON!!” Love it! 😄 I have worked in the OR for over 8 years and that is my one of my biggest pet peeves about medical dramas! Circulators do not have time to put your mask on AND tie you up. Plus, thanks for breathing all over the place until someone can come over and fix your mask lol

  17. Well.
    If nothing else, this reaction video makes it very apparent to me that "Mike" is an American doctor.
    He has the emotional depth of a mud puddle… and is strictly limited by textbook intelligence.

  18. One time I walked right into a rusty screw without pain, (until I pulled it out) and the blood was purple. I did get a tetanus shot, and I still have the scar.

  19. Autistic viewer here. Do be careful which kinds of therapies you suggest to parents. Often the treatment that young patients get is ABA (applied behavioral analysis) which many of us in the self-advocacy community consider to be traumatic because the children have been trying to communicate their pain and needs in their own way, but ABA teaches them to completely ignore their needs just to avoid annoying others. Effective therapy needs to balance the patient's own needs with the greater social norms, and too many parents never receive that part of the advice.

    Back to the actual video: I think the actor does a great job, though many of us don't have such exaggerated symptoms and most of us do not have savant syndrome, even among those of us who might have high IQ and high achievement in our areas of special interest. In other episodes, I have especially appreciated moments where other characters came to his defense, because it sends the audience a message which would be helpful to autistic people (please have our backs) rather than just the "savant" depiction.

    On a side note: Many of us are skilled in specialized domains of communication which are structured and where can exploit knowledge on a special interest. So it is entirely plausible to have a autistic doctor who does just fine with doctor-patient communications but who struggles with the more free-flowing unpredictable social interactions between doctors

  20. As a high functioning autist, I have to say the acting is perfect. I never heard of the show, yet I was able to tell he's autistic just from the way he acted in the accident scene. He stood by, observing, but doing nothing. Yet when he knew the guy was doing something wrong, he had to correct him. And the way he talks without showing emotion, just calmly saying "you're killing him"… I really can relate.

  21. Right im autistic i had to learn eyecontact you are right pets are indeed better to have yes having friends is hard but if you have autistic friends then they are your friends all time i was scared to go shoping onmy own having stress if im late had to take pills for stress.. I can look at other people in the eyes now took years i dont like people very much but its a change.. I am going to the shop alone without stress now learned that to took really long and my iq is from a nkrmal person so i can think now as a normal person so i can understand people more now and im learning english and korean its just having lots of hobbys and people for help that im now a normal person so everyone thats autistic know that they are and just want to not let others now that they are.. Sorry if i misspeled ore anything im accualy Dutch.. Thx i love your videos and no im never bullied or anything .

  22. a question, if a resident with something like his condition come to you and want to be part of your team, would u consider a yes?

  23. lwhen he was talking about never pulling and object that is in you and you should call 911. i was thinking about a glass splinter and what would the 911 dispatcher would say if you called for that. lmao

  24. I have autism and I have a massive fear of animals but If it's a picture I'm fine not all peolpe with autism likes animals and others LOVE them thats key note cus everyone that i meat just assumes that I love animals cus of my autism if u put a dog or cat I will burst into tears and have a break done.
    Just a note for u out there not all autistic people love animal's

  25. My son has high functioning autism and savant syndrome also and the stuff this boy remembers and the amount of just absolutely useless information he knows is crazy. He purposely will look up stuff and will come ask me about it and I just tell him that I’m not falling for it. He makes me so mad because he is so smart but his grades are terrible in classes he isn’t interested in. He loves history but hates science. My husband has a history degree and I love science so I always get to do high school science over since I don’t play with him, and he listens to me where as he just tunes his teacher out.

    Also, the things you were describing about what to do when raising an autistic child is exactly how we have raised him and now at 15 most people don’t realize that he has it unless he tells them and he has absolutely no problem telling people. When we got confirmation when he was 4, I decided to tell him that “autism is what he has not who he is and it doesn’t have to define his life” He has not had a meltdown in over 4 years because I didn’t give in to him when he would do it. We got him a cat when he was little and the cat is a jerk, but they are in separable.

  26. My mom is also a doctor and she loves this show because of the drama and medical accuracy but she’s also agreed with what you said lol

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