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  1. Every time someone goes into code blue on a show. I start screaming “ chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions” 😂

  2. I hope you see this suggestion, One of the doctors who advised on House MD, is a Doctor Who deals with a lot of mystery diagnosis, she did a project called Diagnosis on Netflix. I would love to see your take on it!

  3. Can you please review the episode finale of season 4,"Wilson's heart"? It's sooo complicated and intriguing! And I really wanna know if you can actually wake someone who is allegedly DEAD on bypass,and have a conversation with them!..I think that's mind blowing!🤯 I searched but Google is not very helpful with this…

  4. I have some suggestions for episodes:
    S1E4 Maternity (I would be interested to hear your take on the ethical dilemma in this episode)
    S2E8 The Mistake
    S2E9 Deception

  5. In a random conversation with a friend ab medical stuff, protocol, I now respond “chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions” lol 😂

  6. And by the way, why stress out so much about House's ego? It's House. House is House is ego, that's basically the whole point 🙂 🙂

  7. I head that there a name to the way house works and acts on cases supposedly it's a real thing and some people functioning that way it's honestly pretty interesting

  8. I would like to point out that Cameron Chase and Foreman are not in residency, they are fully fledged doctors with specialist qualifications (Foreman has neurology, I forget the other two), they make great pains, especially in the earlier episodes and pilot to point out that he has a team of overqualified specialists and his low case acceptance rate was leaving them useless. Another doctor in Beverly hills tries to hire Foreman away as an equal partner in one episode.

  9. Ok…There are 2 kinds of nystagmus, which one indicates what? I did find the guts to ask my neurosurgeon ages ago, but I've forgotten his answer.

  10. Doctors Cameron, Chase & Foreman were not residents – they were accomplished doctors on their own before they joined house's team – and House only picks the Creme de la Creme on his team – at least in the early seasons when his department was allocated the budget

    this is how I remember it

  11. According to Cardiothoracic ACLS, chest compressions are not the first action to perform, provided it's a cardiac insult that resulted in that rhythm.

  12. I am a former RN. Loving this channel!!😂👍🏼 House is so silly, but you gotta love his 'EPIPHANY FACE'.🤔😂

  13. Dr Mike you keep saying that residents would not do this but they arent residents!!!! In the show they are fellows. Foreman is a neurologist, Cameron is a immunologist and Chase is an intensivist.

  14. This is how badly written these episodes are, probably why The Resident, according to you, has less mistakes. Yet, when I was watching these videos I thought House was a gifted lunatic Oxy addict doing good for Humanity,

    My fav scene of House is when he diagnosed a pregnant woman, as having a parasite, the woman was kinda of alarmed until he told her that will be cured spontaneously in 9 months LOL

    Erdheim-Chester disease
    Erdheim–Chester disease is a rare disease characterized by the abnormal multiplication of a specific type of white blood cells called histiocytes, or tissue macrophages. Onset typically is in middle age https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erdheim-Chester_disease

  15. The show might not be accurate but it’s still one of my favourite shows though my hypochondria can’t stand this show.

  16. Please react to more house, it is so interesting to see you react to this and also get to know the inaccuracies. Love it and I need more!

  17. House watched too much Monsters inside me and Mystery diagnosis. Those two shows will definitely turn you into a Dr.House or severe hypochondriac.

  18. I have 1 problem with this episode. "House MD's awesome?" No. It's hot buttered garbage. I agree with Dr. Mike's assessment of the situation–practicing this way, House would kill or maim countless patients performing dangerous and unnecessary tests and procedures until he finally had his license revoked (and probably ended up in jail). The worst part is that many people end up thinking this is an appropriate way to practice medicine.

  19. Whenever I watch a movie or series now where some drowns or flatlines, I hear Dr.Mike’s voice saying “Chest Compressions, Chest Compressions, Chest Compressions” 🤣

  20. You keep watching all the shittiest episodes of House! Try some from season 6, there were a lot of good ones in there!

  21. The way Dr Mike's nostrils flared when there were absolutely NO Chest Compressions being done whatsoever, after he asked that they performed…God I love it. Love me some Dr. Mike!!!

  22. Going off of your argument against doing the colonoscopy and a previous statement on bodily autonomy, I'd love to know your standpoint on infant circumcision

  23. More house other shows not so as House .Hause funy. I was dreaming someone explan medicaly Dr house TV thanx Doctor! Waiting more mode

  24. The doctors working for house are not medical residents.They are all specialists who were hired in his unique diagnostic team.House himself is a nephrologist, one guy is a neurologist etc.So no they arent residents they are a unique diagnostic team put together to diagnose the zebras properly.

  25. House has his understudies do all their procedures so they cross-train in…everything. He picks them based upon his seeing their potential to either be like him, or nothing like him.

  26. I liked this show but man sometimes watching it I always worried about how large the patients bills would be considering all the ridiculous tests they do on these people

  27. Funny watching you get upset at all the complex and invasive procedures they do here. Imagine you're in the billing department for House's patients.

  28. Dr. House's primary function is Introverted Intuition, where he first goes for the proof and then traces back the theory and it works for him in almost all the cases. So there will be people who are like this is impossible, but there are some people who are really good at this Introverted Intuition and the percentage of these people in the world are just 1 to 1.5%

  29. Chester-Erdheim is a rare disease characterized by the abnormal multiplication of histiocytes, or tissue macrophages (technically, this disease is termed a non-Langerhans-cell histiocytosis

  30. Just to clarify, Chase, Cameron, and Foreman aren't residents – they're full-fledged doctors whose entire job is just to be on House's "team". It's a highly unorthodox department, and the show internally recognizes that in-universe. There are no "Departments of Diagnostic Medicine" – not commonly. It's a weird situation. Don't know why, but I just wanted to clarify that. Great video!

  31. My Grandmother died of Erdheim Chester. The main reason why she didn’t diagnose it until later was because they hadn’t heard of it and just thought it was regular old leukaemia for so long. She was ill for over a year and in hospital for months.

  32. I think Dr. Mike all your notes on the show are correct but you have to watch the series to know all about the Doctors example Dr. Chase, Cameron and Foreman are not residents they are Specialists. Dr. Chase is an Intensivist and Neuro Surgeon Dr. Cameron is a Immunologist and Dr. Foreman is a Neurologist. Just sayin'

  33. What you said about what they would do in a real case is always what my mother's issue was with House lol. She started out as a med tech, became an RN when I was in third grade and became an NP when I was 18. She's a fantastic diagnostician and used to guess the illness on House about a third of the way through (almost) every episode lol. You're right about what you said would happen in a real case, of course, it's just funny to me how similar your reactions are to my mother's haha

  34. Child can't make decisions for themselves….that's sad…at this moment a 7 year old is being given drugs to transition him into a girl because that's what his mom wants – not the child. Check it out. This just happened in Texas.

  35. My wife (who's a nurse) also yells at the TV for them to do chest compressions, she gets equally as pissed as you around 9:20. Also, loves to yell "YOU DON'T SHOCK A FLATLINE!!!" This was like watching House with my wife <3

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