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  1. Might wanna check out Balamurali Ambati, the world's youngest Dr. (when he became a Dr. at 17). He practices in Idaho now I believe (he was born in 77). There are a number of exceptional doctors who were quite young. We can't compare their emotional maturity to that of a normal person of their age as each person is unique enough that some are quite mature very young and some still very immature at 40.

  2. I am a medical intern now and since I was a medical school no one is convinced that I am a doctor because if my baby face

  3. Me when doogie is getting raped: NONCE! NONCE! NONCE! NONCE! NONCE! blows rape whistle NONCE! NONCE! NONCE! NONCE! NONCE!

  4. I have a quick question. Can cardiac arrest permanently damage the heart? If so, does it happen to everyone or does it depend on the circumstances?

  5. Please react to Call the Midwife Season 1 Episode 2!! The breach delivery is really what I'm looking forward to!

  6. I totally agree! I remember what my pstchologist aunt told me about her disapproving of my mom allowing me to be accelerated in school. She says there is a reason education is progressed over a certain amount of time. I may be ahead of my peers in IQ but EQ is an entirely different thing.

  7. Tyranny of the status quo, George Boole set up his own mathematics school at 16, the digital age is based on Boolean logic.

  8. Holy goshy goodness, Dr. Mike! Are we the same age or am I older than you? I definitely thought you were older haha.

  9. I remember watching this as a kid(maybe grade school?)and thinking he looked much older (old.. like an 18-20 year old 😂) Now that I’m 36, I feel like Doogie was a toddler

  10. I love watching Doogie Howser,, however, my daughter left her full collection in an ambulance shaped DVD box we've seen every episode and watch again and again so funny, but in real life it's quite a different story, she left the dvd case when she left for england

  11. “Girls love getting sniffed” I had to pause the video and laugh for a minute straight them unpause it again 😂

    Edit: I just noticed I didn’t sub yet and I need to

  12. As person who had a Heart Transplant the Transplant part cracked me up especially when the kid asked if he was gonna die.

  13. Can you review another fictional medical show-RoyalPains and a real medical show-Diagnosis on Netflix pls?? Also, found your channel after your collab with Mykie! You should consider a collab with a lawyer too, LegalEagle, it'd be interesting to hear from both medical and legal standpoints regarding treatment options!

  14. is not weird … is 90's handshake young doc;) The friend of Doogie is a young MIKE CASELLA is BENNY FAZIO in " the Sopranos"

  15. One of the times I almost died was during a back surgery when I had two Harrington rods placed on my spine to fix a 90 degree scoliosis and that surgery was so hard on the surgeon who did it that he stopped doing that surgery. Thankfully, I survived, but it was so touch and go for 24 hours, that doc stopped performing that particular surgery.

  16. The most heart felt reaction I've witnessed was from my son's doctor. After an absolutely awful accident in November last year,, he's had to go through 11 surgeries. On#10, his surgeon came in to check up on him. He started crying and hugged her thanking her. She looked up at me in that moment, hugging my child, tears in her eyes and just hugged him. She just did his 11th surgery on him. I could never have hoped for a more compassionate and skilled surgeon to take care of my son. I believe crying with the patient is such an amazingly bonding moment between doctor and patient.

  17. Dr Mike you should react to some British Medical dramas for us brits! Holby City and Casualty are perfect to try haha see what differences you find lol

  18. Wow. In the first few minutes of Doogie Howser we get both Neil Flynn (The Janitor from Scrubs, 0:53) and David Harbour (Hopper from Stranger Things, 1:02).

  19. I think there's actually a couple of Doogie Houser episodes where the doctors are watching medical shows. If there's anything medical in there, it might be interesting to see you review those.

    Have you done Saving Hope yet? Daniel Jackson from Stargate with Lois Lane from Smallville. The series had a horrible ending, but it was an interesting trip. He can see ghosts and people having out of body experiences.

  20. "I like younger men."

    Mike: Is he a man tho?

    16. He's sixteen. If some 27 year old hit on my sister, i'd yoink their pancreas, feed them junk food and just wait.

  21. I thought for sure he would fault Doogie, for telling the kid he was going to make it through surgery…twice…I thought it was wrong to make promises to patients, because of the possibility of negative outcomes.

  22. MORE REACTIONS TO DOOGIE HOWSER PLEASE !!!! One that I’d be interested to see ur reaction is to the S1 E3 A stitch to Wanda

  23. Okay he was way too confident if I've learned anything from you doctor Mike it's to never get the patients hopes up incase you can't solve their problem

  24. "Doogie Houser"~Doogie, "How I met your mother" ~Barney, "A Series of Unfortunate Events" ~Olaf, as well as several others..May I present the wonderful and OH so talented actor/singer, father…(and very partnered)….Neil Patrick Harris, everyone.. ❤❤❤

  25. Also when bones break. The ends of the bones have sharp jagged edges that can cut through tissue and cause more damage internal bleeding and possibly make an artery.

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