Rare and Unusual MS Symptoms (I’ve seen in clinic)

multiple sclerosis impacts the
supercomputer, the brain, that runs the whole body and the superhighway the
spinal cord that takes the information from the brain down to toes and back up
In essence it can cause almost any symptom and some are much more common
than others in this video I’m going to share with you the most unusual and rare
MS symptoms I’ve seen in a decade and a half of practice. If you’d like to hear
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content. Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune inflammatory condition that
affects the brain the supercomputer that runs our entire body.
It also affects the spinal cord, the superhighway, that takes the information
from the brain down to the body and back up. As you can imagine, you can see a
myriad of neurological symptoms as a result of the inflammatory damage of MS
and certain symptoms tend to be more common it’s not uncommon that we see
involvement of the optic nerves or transverse myelitis involving the spinal
cord or classic brainstem syndromes. In this video, however, I’m going to share
with you the uncommon, the most rare and unusual MS symptoms that I’ve seen in
the last decade and a half of MS practice. Number One: psychosis on one
occasion in my career I saw an MS patient who is admitted into the
hospital with terribly bizarre behaviors. She was suffering from psychosis
she had a break with reality and didn’t understand what was going on around her. She was hearing and seeing things that weren’t there and she thought things
that weren’t true. It was very, very scary for her and very scary for her family.
We did an MRI of the brain and found a very large and enhancing lesion in the
frontal lobe and we gave her IV steroids and the psychosis completely
resolved. Now this is a very unusual MS symptom. I’ve never seen it again and I
hope to never see it again. But it was very clearly an MS attack
impacting the frontal lobes and the result was psychosis.
Number Two: “status epilepticus.” It is true that people with MS are up to six times
more likely to suffer seizures compared to the general population, and that makes
sense when you consider the fact that MS can in fact affect the cortex, the bark
of the brain, the outside surface and if there is an inflammation in the surface
of the brain that can trigger a seizure or an electrical storm. A few years back,
I saw a patient that came into clinic and she was acting really weird she sort
of stumbled while she walked almost like she was a little bit drunk. And her
family kind of helped escort her in and sit her down. She was awake and
talking but she wasn’t making a lot of sense and she kept saying “I love you. I
love you. I love you. I love you.”” And when a staff would approach she would hug them
and it was really hard it took two of us to pull her off someone. Very, very
unusual behavior. She had a tremendous difficulty in answering any question. We
admitted her into the hospital and when we got an EEG we saw that she was
suffering from a prolonged seizure, complex partial status epilepticus. Now
we gave her high-dose anti-seizure medicines through the vein IV and we
broke the seizure and she normalized. We formally diagnosed her with epilepsy
along with her MS. she’s now on anti epileptic medicines and is having no
problem, but this was a highly unusual situation caused by status epilepticus
in the setting of MS. Number Three is called pseudobulbar affective.
Now this isn’t completely rare, I may see this a handful of times each year, but
it’s very unusual and I want to spend a few minutes explaining it to you. when
you are upset and cry there’s really two things going on.
You have the emotion of sadness you feel sad inside and you have the affect of
sadness meaning that outwardly you’re sad, you’re blue, you have tears coming
down. In in this example your emotion of sadness and the affect of appearing sad
fit. Unfortunately in the setting of MS sometimes the circuitry of the emotion
and the affect become decoupled, and what you can have is what we call pathologic
crying and pathologic laughing someone with pseudobulbar affect will start
bawling crying unstop and they’re not sad they literally are saying through
tears “I’m not sad, I’m okay” and yet they can’t stop crying alternatively. Someone
can start belly laughing and it’s so loud and remarkable except they’re not
feeling something funny. They don’t think it’s that funny they can’t stop
themselves from laughing this is called pseudobulbar affect and it is a very
frustrating symptom because everyone around you doesn’t see the emotion
inside, they only see the affect. Now fortunately there are medicines that can
help pseudobulbar affect and I have a great success in using them in MS
patients but I certainly think that this symptom deserves its place amongst the
rare and unusual symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Number Four is loss of humor.
There’s a story recounted to me by one of my dear patients after going on a
highly effective therapy and seeing many aspects of her MS improve. She shared
this story, she said that she went home for a Christmas holiday and her family
was shocked they sat her down at the table and they said “honey you’ve
regained your humor! You understand our humor again!” and she said “what do you
mean??” They said “for the longest time we would make jokes and we would laugh with
each other and you would stare at us and you didn’t understand and we didn’t know
what to do and we didn’t know how to tell you and we’re so excited that you
got it back!” she said “dad why on earth didn’t you tell me” he said “honey, I
didn’t know how to share with you.” The take-home here is that this
young woman literally lost her ability to understand the humor and her family
and fortunately after exposure to highly effective therapy gained it back. This is
a very unusual symptom, loss of humor in Multiple Sclerosis. Number Five is an
attack of COG fog. Now cognitive fatigue is not uncommon in Multiple Sclerosis
and amongst MS it’s not that unusual but I’m talking about an MS attack that
doesn’t involve the eyes, it doesn’t involve sensation, or strength.
It doesn’t involve balance. It involves thinking. Someone who is normally very
clear of thought and able to process very quickly is suddenly in a profound
cog fog without other symptoms their struggle in life and these patients will
present a clinic super confused and very upset and not sure what’s going on and
fearful that they’re developing dementia and when you give someone like this
steroids and you quell the inflammation in their brain the cog fog lifts in
so an attack of cog fog is somewhat rare in MS I do think that clinicians
don’t look for it enough and I do think that when you see it we need to treat it
attack of COG fog is number 5 on my list. Number 6 is intractable vomiting, meaning
vomiting that won’t stop a wonderful patient of mine presented to me in
clinic referred early, and during the interview we were unable to have a
conversation because he was holding a trash can and throwing up the whole time
we were talking. I had to admit him into the hospital quite literally he was
retching non-stop. He no longer had food in his stomach and he couldn’t stop from
vomiting now this patient had brittle diabetes and it was our assumption that
the problems with the diabetes was leading to the intractable vomiting. We
called in the endocrine teams who called me and said “there’s nothing wrong with
his diabetes. His diabetes is under good shape.” we got an MRI of his brain and in
the medulla oblongata and the centers that control emesis he had an enhancing
lesion. We gave the brittle diabetic and the emesis disappeared the vomiting
disappeared and so number six is intractable vomiting, a rare and unusual
symptom that I’ve seen in Multiple Sclerosis. Number Seven is pathologic
itching. Pathologic itching has been described in the MS literature but I
don’t see it very often. I specifically remember a wonderful
woman that came to see me she suffered a lesion in the back of her spinal cord,
transverse myelitis, and it didn’t effect any motor function, no bowel and bladder
function, but he caused her to have a profound itching. It’s now been over 10
years and itching has never stopped. If she’s not careful she’ll literally
scratch herself to bleeding while sleeping.
it’s a terrible symptom that plagues her and damages the quality of her life
she’s worked with the numerous doctors including special dermatologists and
taken literally lotions and potions and struggles to this day with pathologic
itching from Multiple Sclerosis number. Eight is heat sensitive erectile
dysfunction. Allow me to explain, many years ago I gave a patient 4 amino-pyridine or Ampyra to help with motor fatigue and in follow up as we were
wrapping up the visit I said “oh yeah by the way how’s the Amypra?” his wife
smiled and said “Sir you may never take away his Ampyra.” “So what do you mean?” and
she said when he was diagnosed with MS at 18 years old he developed ereptile
dysfunction and to date he’s struggled to obtain and maintain an erection when
you gave him Ampyra it was like he was 18 again. In reality, as his body
heated up he developed ereptile dysfunction and this happens very
frequently when you’re intimate by taking 4 amino-pyridine it buttresses
against that and he is now able to have meaningful erections and meaningful sex.
Unusual symptom I’m delighted that it’s better! Now I would like to hear from you!
Have you experienced an unusual or rare MS symptom or has someone you loved
experienced unusual or rare symptom? if so please
leave a comment down below. I would love to hear about it. Thank you for learning
about MS with me Aaron Boster. If you enjoyed this video
please give it a like and if you’d like to hear more from me, make sure to
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take care!

100 thoughts on “Rare and Unusual MS Symptoms (I’ve seen in clinic)

  1. I've experienced the laughing and crying uncontrollably. The laughing 1x for about an hour. The crying would last for a 1 1/2 days for about 2x a year for several years. All before diagnosis. After diagnosis and on various treatments I do not have this issue. I never mentioned this symptom to Doctor but learned it is a ms symptoms

  2. The fog. My son with MS experiences it quite regularly. He says that he is busy at work then suddenly it's like someone has pressed the pause button, he can't move but is aware that he has stopped, after about 30 seconds the start button switches back on and he's back to normal.

  3. I know someone who has hands writhing upward and fingers curling inward. Looks like some type of disfigurement. He has black holes in brain and ms specialist says no it's not ms. His neurologist disagrees. I have fibromyalgia, white matter brain lesions, fog, itching, pseudodementia. Drs keep asking if I have ms. I've been told by my neurologist no cuz there's no pattern of the lesions. Everyday is painful. I'm full of inflammation as seen in my bone marrow biopsy. I've been told I'm undiagnoseable after 7 years. I take Methocarbamol as needed.

  4. Hi is it possible for someone with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis to be diagnosed with MS as they have usual symptoms but new ones are forming like MS symptoms?

  5. Compulsive vomiting. One of my first and worst symptoms… I couldn't stop even when there wasen't food anymore.

  6. I experienced the intractable vomiting. It was really scary and painful. In the hospital they could not help me that evening and send me home after an infusion. I ended up sitting on the floor at home with a bucket on my lap – vomiting the whole day and night – until I (somehow) fell a sleep. I am so thankful for not being forced to get through this again. I still suffer from uncontrollable nausea, but prism glasses and sunglasses give me relief from that.
    Thank you for your video!! I feel better knowing that this happens because of the lesion in the medulla oblongata.

  7. Thank you for doing this video! I was diagnosed in March of 2018 after almost 20 years of troubling symptoms that were dismissed as mental health issues or injuries from a later car accident. At 13, I was diagnosed with psychosis after several episodes of not being able to distinguish between reality or not. These episodes led to me being hospitalized 3 times within a year and a half. The following year at 14, I had an incredible and sudden onset of physical symptoms that were brushed of as severe panic attacks. I would describe it to others that I felt like I would have a heart attack, stroke and seizure all at once. These episodes would last hours and happen daily and I was put on several different medications that did nothing to help.

    I'm not going to explain close to 20 years of symptoms here, but let's just say that I have a lot of the unusual symptoms as opposed to profound physical disability. That's not saying that I don't have physical symptoms, but the ones that I do have are weird and not really explained thoroughly to me. I have no seen spinal lesions, but a large amount of lesions on the brain. I have exacerbations where full body pathological itching is one of my main symptoms and it is horrible. These itching episodes will go on for days to weeks and make it almost impossible to sleep. I get bouts of extreme, sudden cog fog. Very easy startling. I haven't had an episode of psychosis in a few years now, but they were still happening.

  8. I'm experiencing hightened sense of hearing that gets worse during attacks. During my last severe attack it got so high that I could hear a TV 4 rooms away, a kid stumping with his feet down the hall, the sound of the sanitizer dispenser sounded like somebody is banging with a stapler. I suffered tonic spasms, the sound of old cell phones ringing triggered the spasms. This hearing problem gets me confused during driving, can't stand loud music or cell phones, people think i'm crazy.

  9. I’m experiencing Burning Mouth Syndrome and have since January and because of this my gums and teeth are looking and feeling as if they are going bad …… I also have episodes of uncontrollable tremors for 72+ hours straight while foaming from the mouth… I go continuous days with no sleep and days I can’t wake up .. I’m a educated woman who can’t hold a normal conversation they words don’t come out right.. lights now cause seizures and I’ve developed social anxiety lol omg I’m falling apart

  10. Oh yeah I also have been experiencing hesitation to start urinating .. I could push a turd out from starting my pee flow lol along with crazy itching, crying and tingling… my legs also give out in ne

  11. Thank you for your videos! I need help! I am undiagnosed, officially. It's been suggested by some Drst hat are say hospital Drs, none Neuro Drs. That I have me, at one point als was suggested but I knew that I've had progressive onset not sudden. then the Drs I end up with to explore the ms symptoms brush off 90% of what I tell them! And send me back to the specialist for that problem say, bowel, heart, skin, ECT. And stop at multiple forms of neuropathy. How do I find a Dr that will listen and explore me with me, and rule out if need be. When approaching Drs in an office setting if u appear to have any knowledge about your body they dismiss you. It's something I've struggled with for 20 years. But I live with every me symptom plus about 4 or 5 more rare symptoms. They stop me from living life! What skills, training, ECT do I look for in a dr who would be knowledgeable in this area? Any suggestions in the Arizona area?

  12. I have the itch on my upper spine. Uncontrollable. I have scratches from doing at night and not knowing it. My scalp also itches like crazy.

  13. I haven't been diagnosed but ever since being a kid I had what I describe as lightning going across my head. Also I sometimes wake up and it feels like I am walking on hot coals. I'm older now and have many more things. I can't keep my hands up in the air. Double vision. Patches of skin with no feeling. Feeling of water or something flowing on the soles of my feet. Chronic fatigue. I literally dread the thought of going out and coming home to go to sleep with tiredness.

  14. I've lost my sense of humor because I'm too wrapped up inside my own head trying to understand what's happening to me 😢 I'm homesick for myself.

  15. I have not been diagnosed, but o have been dealing with most symptoms in addition to uncontrolable blinking one day and another time, uncontrolable teeth chattering. Also what I call brain zaps.

  16. I actually have an interesting question that I recently thought about. Every ms patient seems to respond to different ms drugs in different ways. With every drug that comes out there is a portion of those that respond better than others. Is there a way to isolate and curtail patient care to find out if any drug will benefit one patient to another. Basically get the right drug for the right person. Maybe by using genetic testing, blood work, urinalysis, MRI scans.

  17. I’ve had burning skin symptoms for two years. This occurs when someone helps me from bed, toilet or into/out of wheelchair. Anywhere I’m touched it feels like I have an extremely bad sunburn. The bad stinging lasts several seconds after the person helping me takes their hands away. Very frustrating!

  18. I had probably a very rare relapse in '94 where I was very active but at that time I also smoked two packs of cigs a day and I know you said that smoking is very bad for MS….it's too bad that I didn't know that then anyway….the relapse started as what I thought was a cold where was throwing up continuously for about two days when my family doctor put me in the hospital cause he thought I was becoming dehydrated so the first night was in I stopped breathing it turns out that the MS hit my brainstem and that made evertything go haywire…so in the end spent a lot of time in the hospital that time.ACTH probably saved my life too bad they don't use that in the US anymore

  19. Visceral hyperalgesia (secondary to a lesion in the pons.) I have had unrelenting abdominal pain and discomfort for 4 years. At one point I stopped eating because of it and lost 50 lbs. Doctor put me on Marinol, pharmaceutical THC. It helped me to gain the weight back, but I've had to get used to the pains. I can feel what's going on in my intestines. I wish this upon no one.

  20. I have a question. I had an MRI awhile back which revealed many calcifications on my skull and the ENT specialist I was seeing at the time told me they were not of any concern. I am just wondering if these could be mistaken for lesions. I am wondering if I have MS (my grandmother has MS as well) but doctors in the past just say its stress or allergies. I have been exhausted physically ever since I was 13 and I have so many symptoms that come and go. Recently, I have had the most symptoms yet and now am 6 months postpartum. I have my vertigo back and i almost vomited from it/passed out. And i have been having a dull headache with eye pain/pressure. I had bloodwork done and my thyroid levels are elevated and now i am waiting to see an endocrinologist. Have you ever had patients with elevated TSH levels with MS? PS thank you so much for your video!!

  21. I wish you were closer! I haven’t found a great “fit” of a neurologist since leaving Alaska in 200r4!

  22. I've had MS for 20 years, but in the last 3 years I've developed Neuromuscular Scoliois and it has progressed rapidly and is, by far, the most debilitating symptom I've experienced.. When I first noticed it I was leaning slightly but no pain. Over the next 2 years my angle of scoliosis has progressed from 40 degrees, to 55 the next year, and now it is 68 degrees (at least that's what is was in January.) I cannot stand up straight and that's an understatement…I lean at an almost 90 degree angle when I am on my feet for any length of time.. I spend most of my time in a chair with feet elevated, or in my bed, arranged with a wedge system so I can be upright in the bed I have never been a good candidate for surgery because of the extensive spread of the scoliosis and my inability to rehab from a surgery this complex. I have no core strength after 20 years, the core strength is very weak Far from what is needed to recover from a surgery that takes two days to complete…one 8 hour surgery and a couple days later a 12 hour surgery. During recovery you need to move your body without bending your back, and rehab can be 6 months (the incision is from the cervical spine through L-5.) I still can walk, just not very comfortably. I've had my Baclofen pump upped and it does keep the spasticty in check, but does nothing to help the lean/curve. The thing that surprised me about the scoliosis was the speed at which it worsened. The radiologist had an x-ray that we took just a few years before the beginning of the scoliosis and my lumbar spine was perfectly straight and the vertebrae were spaced perfectly. Now I advise if you notice a lean to one side, get an scoliosis series of x-rays and rule out neuromuscular scoliosis. Scoliosis usually progresses a degree or two per year, but with Neuromuscular Scoliosis the disease can progress much more quickly. Mine has progressed a degree per month and sometimes more that a degree per month. So pay attention to "leans."

  23. Persistent odor of ammonia! Everything smells like it for a couple of weeks, then I'm back to being able to smell the roses again.

  24. I've been having numbness, tingling electric shock like feeling on the left side of my face. On my tongue and lip. When I bend forward it feels like electric current running down to my feet. I can't get Dr's to listen to me.

  25. Thanks for the video… very helpful… keep up the good work

    On a side note, does anyone know where we can meet other MS singles.?.. dating is hard… girls seem to run a mile when you tell them… there is such a stigma… any help would be amazing. X

  26. I got sudden headaches and after 2 days also sporadical pricking in my body, the largest one in the urethra. After a few days the symptoms were almost gone and I went to the gym. I worked out 25 min in an orbital machine and when back home I got an onset of FASCICULATIONS in thighs and calves and randomly all over. The largest one in the left thigh like with a soft electric current all along, pain in legs (like when lactic acid accumulates), and tiredness. After a few days I got tingling in my hands and later also painful points in the fingers and muscles (hypothenar/ thenar).. I am suspecting that It could be MS. My physician has not paid much attention to my symptoms since he thinks all is caused by anxiety, but I feel worst. DO MY SYMPTOMS LOOK like MS? Can anybody help me, please?!

  27. The weirdest symptom I have had was when feeling started coming back into my feet, I would get what I jokingly called "phantom-puddle-syndrome"; when my feet would register cold floors as wetness. I would constantly have to reach down and touch the bottom of my feet to see if it was wet and it was dry. I live with cats so I always had to check. Luckily that one's gone and now I have foot cramps on a daily basis (escpecially when I go to sleep, annoying) which cannameds are really knocking out now. I just did the full list and it's pretty impressive: days of essential tremor, "the zap" up the spine, speech and swallowing problems, lung spasm, Bell's palsy, paraesthesia on left side, burning right thigh, eyes not matching, bladder and bowel problems, tearing for no reason, tearing in one eye only (super weird), depression, burning and cramps in feet and calves, compulsive scratching, depression and cog fog, couldn't turn my head to the left, cerebellar tremor in hands when doing actions, and my weirdest was dizzy with my eyes closed. Mind you, I have luckily never had ALL of these at the same time but have had some combination of these over the years (since 2007).

  28. Great video! Have you experienced a ms patient having violent tremours? (Almost look like convulsions) in which their neck/back/arms/legs all constantly Jerk out violently in all directions, back and neck in a rocking position from side to side? Where the only way to stop these tremors is to lie down, and they start again when sitting up or standing??

    Also personalities changes in which the patient when tired starts to acts inappropriately & giddy as if they have lost their inhibitions like they are drunk??

  29. Is it normal to hard to breathe when having a flare up / or rapid heartbeat? I also get a lot of dizziness when a flare up occurs .

  30. My mom had ms she ended up unable to move expect one arm and one leg she died at the age of 55 it was new years eve 2017 now I have it I'm only 36 I was told I have lesions on 10 different parts of my spine and my brain I was also told I have large black holes on my brain I can't do anything anymore I can't drive or walk my dog I can't hold on to anything I have 3 kids and have been with my wife for 21 years I just became a grandpa 4 months ago and I can't hold her walking is getting to hard at first I would try to do stuff anyways but then my left hand locks and my face starts moving on it's own I can't control it my dr set up an appointment with a nerolagest but he called me two days later and said after looking at my brain and spine scans there is nothing he can do he didn't even want to meet me now I have to wait two months to see an ms specialist I can't just sit here and wait to see what will happen next so I went in my mom's room it's exactly like it was when she was alive I took all of her old medicine now I've been taking some of it I don't know how much of what I should take so I'm just taking different kinds and different amounts I think it's better than just waiting for a Dr to do something but I don't feel right my head is tingly and my back and arms this started 2 days ago and I keep spacing out I lose track of time I'm so scared my mom always told me this was no way to live she use to pray for death now I understand everything she felt and she was right.i don't want to be scared anymore

  31. Love your informative videos. Thank you.
    New symptom in 23rd year with MS.
    Very cold feet, more than usual. After a thermography scan which showed left foot completely blue (colour) and in addition during this time tiny red thread veins on ankle foot area which has worsened and now with vascular eczema. After duplex scan no varicose veins. Consultant says ms nerve communication issue or CRPS. ps still mobile albeit slower and fatigue.
    I’m in early 50s and sad that this is on top of other ms symptoms

  32. I have psychosis. Im weird. I stay in and dont want to be around people because im afraid i will offend people. I do have partial frontal lobe epilepsy too..i cry non stop and i have anger as ometimes too

  33. Hi DOC ,,,,,, I caregive for my 57 year old g/f . she is confined to a wheelchair with MS she does about 40 mg of oxycodone for pain along with the gaba ,.,. baclofen .. lyrica for neoropathy ,,,,,, but i cannot get her to take her MS serious and she is around 200 or 220 and i wanted to ask about the hand cranks what they are for excersize and wnything else you can recommend . I sort of feel its time to go unless i see her make attempts …… she has neuropathy bad and can do heal to toe streches barely but will not even do that for her and my sake so any advice and tasks you can offer would be so helpful /

  34. I have horrible mouth burning and teeth aching. No Drs can tell me why. Also, the worse sign is sweating and hot. Drives me crazy. I’m 53 and was diagnosed in 2004. I feel like I’m dying some days.

  35. I have Mass Cell Activation Syndrome since taking the 2 half doses of Ocrevus in 2017. I have several.other issues no doctors can figure out. My trypese levels are crazy.

  36. Hi, I am waiting to see a neurologist. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have rhe severe itching all over. To the point I bruise myself from itching. My dr. Prescribed Naltrexone. Itchy is there but not.the unbearable . if I miss a dose of my naltrexone I immediately am itchy n realize I forgot it. Hope this helps😃

  37. i thought it was my diabetes but i don't get hot i get cold,i do not know if that is my blood sugar being to low or if it's the M.S

  38. In Brasil they are ttalking about avobrutinod, need to check the name and will tell you later- Evobrutinib …!!!…

  39. #4 and I'm a girl so not that other one erectile dysfunction in heat. Although I have a feeling I would probably have it too. Heat is my enemy.
    My specialist said I was a very rare and special case of M.S. thanks for sharing this info. I kinda understand what he means now. 🤣 I have struggled with all those.
    Plus, my location at birth and no one else in my family having it.
    One doctor wont even physically come near me, I guess I freak her out. She can't figure out how I'm still walking and taking on my own. I once said magic, she took me seriously I think. 🤣

  40. Hey Dr B, I would greatly appreciate the heads up on this one please: can MS cause ANS dysfunction and would the reoccurrence of these symptoms after 7 months without, constitute a relapse? If so, I'll contact my MS Nurse. I came over to your blog hoping there might be a video I had missed somewhere. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks so much 😊#WeHaveMS

  41. I have dangerous low sodium if I drink too much liquid due to one one of my medications, Oxycarbozipine( spelling?), I cannot stop taking this medication because of the electric shocking pain I get down my spine and legs. My dr tried me on other meds but they do not work. I am taking salt tablets now to help with the low sodium. Have you run into this problem before??

  42. My left hand has crazy sensations in it. It is hyper sensitive and feels like I am wearing a gauntlet of barbed wire. Everything I touch feels like sandpaper. It is like having an alien hand 🙁 Legs feel 'like jelly' all the time – wobbling inside. All kinds of crazy sensations from the neck down. All from 1 very large new spinal lesion.

  43. Question: Can Statis Epilepticus cause one the loss of ability to speak?
    Although I have watched this video several times it just dawned on me that MAYBE that is what happened to me with my loss of ability to speak and then stuttered until my Epilepsy was diagnosed and med cocktail was properly adjusted.

  44. Side Question: Do you remember which recent video you uploaded regarding why you use a TEAM opposed to trying to cover all aspects of your clients care ourself and how that was your original dream?

    Someone is complaining about how they feel that because MS affects the whole body a Neurologist should be able to treat the whole body…although that would be great it is not realistic considering the amount of education it would take by the time one finished it would be time to retire.

  45. When I drink something cold I get a deep pain in-between my shoulder blades I believe it is my spine. It hurts so bad that I have to stop. It doesn't happen all the time, but it's something I feel is super odd.

  46. I have Secondary progressive MS. I have not been able to cry for about 10 years. Could this be the opposite of the pseudo bulbar symptoms you have described?

  47. Good evening Dr B. Have you heard of anyone have the bottom of their feet feel like a cell phone is vibrating? Thanks

  48. Cog Fog is a huge issue for me, I have sent to different specialists and am taking Donepezil and I don't feel any improvement. My other bizarre issue is the painful effect of noise, surrond sound, I can't watch a baseball game in surround sound because all I hear is the crowd noise, being in a auditorium or restaurant with multiple conversations going on is extremely difficult and debilitating. And lastly the description of laughing and crying uncontrollably happened immediately after the birth of my daughter, I was diagnosed with MS just 8 months prior and I thought it was post partum but they were concerned that I was going to hurt the baby and I kept telling them I was not sad.

  49. Intractable vomiting can also be a symptom of Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder. Are you sure the patient didn't have NMOSD?

  50. The biggest one for me is itching, for years I had the worst itching and still the warmer I get the more I itch. Also the loss of humor it's not as bad as the itching but I don't laugh at all like I used to, or even respond to people like I should. I just stay quiet. I am not on any treatment right now, my insurance is so bad I can't afford it. I hope soon I get some.

  51. Hi I came across you, I’ve had muscle spasms on neck and upper back since last October, sometimes I have a mist in my right eye constant headaches cramp in my hands sometimes tingling and pain in my leg and, if a family member asks me to do something like get the ice cream out of the freezer within two minutes I’ve forgotten what they’ve ask me to do. Does this sound like an MS symptom

  52. “MS-like” symptoms, brain-organ-fine motor skills. My limbs I lose track of. I joke with my children about my body leaving this dimension because my limbs and organs loses sensations. Psychosis is real. I can feel my brain fighting itself. I have to continuously tell myself that the ground is not dropping from under me, I am not falling. I understand your talking on a whole other level.

  53. Has anyone had electric shocks / spasm down the front of the neck / throat when bending forward? It’s very painful can’t find the cause haven’t heard of anyone who has had this i always hear of down the back of the neck but never the front

  54. Dr. Boster. Have you ever dealt with MS patients complaining about losing their ability to control their use of bad language? What part of the brain controls language? Thank-you.

  55. The first MS symptom that I noticed turned about to be quadrantanopia (hence my original DX of a stroke). My visual field was affected bilaterally with the left eye "missing" over a 1/4 of the visual field on the outside and the right eye had approximately 1/4 gone on the inside. I was fortunate enough that more than 90% of the vision returned and when I finally had a neurology consult a few months later, he noticed a large lesion from my MRI that likely caused it.

  56. Hi Dr. Boster,
    Out of your list on this video, I have experienced episodes of vomiting as you described, the itching, multiple attacks over the decades of cog fog, looking back on such episodes that at the time no one could explain other than I guess some people thinking I was losing my mind or going crazy or doing drugs *eyeroll*. This was long before I was officially diagnosed. I cut a business trip short and returned back to Canada because I knew something was wrong with my brain and I wanted to be back in Canada and not stuck in the USA with going to the ER and explaining my problem as "something is wrong with my brain. My brain is not working right."
    I was also diagnosed with what is called Coronary Artery Spasm that I believe, at least in my case, is caused by MS spasms of the heart and area cutting off blood flow. I belong to an MS group on Facebook and it is amazing how many people talk about heart issues.
    Do you have a video about the effect of stress on MS symptoms?
    Thank you for this video although for me I guess they aren't so rare. LOL Just lucky I guess.

  57. I have uncontrollable itching
    I have a appointment in a few weeks to be test for Ms

    It feels like I have fleas in my skin it never stops

  58. What an interesting video! Having had MS for about forty years, I feel very fortunate to still walk, talk and think (usually ; ) with little impairment. Most of my days…
    Of late, I'm having "spells" – intense feelings of fright, despair and confusion, during which time I'm often unable to move or make sense. Could this be some form of epilepsy? Thanks for your opinion.

  59. I’m not sure if this is unusual but I did get a weird effect for several months. When showering, whenever the water would hit certain parts of my body (mostly arms and torso) it felt like needles. I also had a period that whenever I raised my right hand above my head it would stop functioning properly. Washing my hair was difficult as my hand would literally flop around on my head and wouldn’t go where I wanted it to go.

    To be honest the biggest lasting problem is a complete lack of libido and ED, but I understand those symptoms are extremely common for men with ms 🙁

  60. I've got a symptom that I am.wondering if you have ever seen? Numb Chin Syndrome (mental nerve neuropathy). I have not met one doctor or neurologist that is familiar with it. My lower lip and chin went numb and that was my initial symptom of MS! The doctors first suspected a metastasized malignancy because that is what is usually linked with Numb Chin Syndrome. It wasn't until weeks later when I got peripheral neuropathy, ataxia and vertigo that they started to suspected MS.

  61. Wow you just showed me something I need to tell my dr on my next visit! I have been having issues with (in mid sentence) forgetting what I was even talking about with people. I would then get frustrated and annoyed because I couldn't finish a thought I was having. Sometimes it would cause arguments with my husband and I because I would get mad at at myself for not remembering the thought. I never put 2 and 2 together that maybe it was due to the MS! This is why I love your videos and wish I lived in Ohio so I could see you. (Dont tell my dr though because she is awesome also) lol

  62. I'm relieved to seethe conclusion of itching! Fortunately my symptoms are not on the level as the patient mentioned, but I have had to wrap my legs at night on more than a few occasions because I wake up with bloody shins from scratching at night.

  63. Hi Aaron! Thanks for the video, it's quite informative and I love watching your channel.

    I have the sensation of a sunburn, that occurs in place of the typically-described 'electric shock' from Lhermitte's sign. When I bend my neck down far enough, this sunburn sensation travels down my spine and flashes across one or both thighs. As soon as I straighten my neck, the sensation disappears. It's not painful, yet it is uncomfortable and distracting. It's very similar to the 'hot liquid' sensation described by others, but I can make it occur on command! Hurray?

  64. Ive recently been diagnosed with ms , does anyone get the electric shock feeling when you bend over , ive got optic neuritis and when the pain flares up I get a droning noise in my ears and like a spirit level feeling inside my head

  65. I don't know if I have MS, but I have a lot of the symptoms and can sympathize. Seizures, TN, pins and needles in my hands and feet, numbness in my right arm, neck and face, hearing loss in my ear, dizziness, tenitus, flashes in my vision, neck and face pain, serious fatigue. I am sure there is more. I have seen a neurologist with normal findings a few years ago when I was so dizzy I couldn't even get off the floor. I usually have a combination of some of these at all times, but often I will have flare ups where several will get really severe and it makes it hard to function. I am in the just deal with it phase, because all my test have come back normal.

  66. Hello! I had an immediate onset of OCD. Harm OCD to be specific. It’s like I would get impulsive and horrific thoughts. Thoughts like, “if I turn the wheel, I could drive off this bridge” and then I would picture in my mind my whole family drowning. I would see the worse possible outcome in every situation. I was ready to have myself committed when I had an MRI and discovered that I was having an attack. After treatment my condition improved dramatically although unfortunately not all the way. My doctor never quite understood what it did to me mentally and I don’t think he took what I was saying seriously enough but I’m grateful to have survived the episode ❤️😊

  67. New to your channel. Just found it today. Diagnosed with MS at age 26 now 57. Symptoms started at 23. Took 3 years to diagnose. I have the phantom itching for 12 + years now. Seems to me that it’s worse with the heat. Summer months.

  68. I just want to say thank you. I have been trying to explain what is going on with me to family and Drs. with this presentation i can explain my problems with MS so much better.

  69. Can you talk about Tonic Spasms? I had then during my severe flare back in May, my neuro doesn't want to talk about them with me. They went away 2 weeks after steroids, they have not returned (thankfully). However, I carry heavy fear that they will pop up out of nowhere. I have nightmares about them. I know you can't guarantee anything, but are they going to be a regular part of my MS? I have had my first 2 half doses of Ocrevus, will that protect me from them? I am scared and can't find reliable information. The more I understand, the less fearful I become.

  70. Omg I finally was diagnosed with MS a couple years ago having a unrelated seizure. But for years n years I’ve gotten this intractable non stop vomiting jus as u discussed which would go on for hours n hours n hours n Judy was told I hav crjohns disease over n over again . But I never had an improvement with those types of treatments . But after I was dx with ms I was lucky enough to get an amazing neurologist who spent hours going throughly my records and found I had a old mri from age 15 cuz I had random hearing loss but at the time of mri the ordering dr n radiologist didn’t look 2 inch away from my ear to see my very first lesion on my brain at age 15 n I’m 27 now . So this video answers my questions about these vomiting flaresI call them . So thank u doctor next time I’ll be requesting something more then Iv zofran x3 times lol and beg for steroids right away . Thank u so much god bless u

  71. Hi Aaron, I had a rare event for me, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and I didn’t recognise my eyes, it was scary, I tend to ignore things like this and so brushed my teeth without looking in the mirror and got on with the rest of the day, it hasn’t happened again.

  72. I don't know if this is unusual or rare but I have periods where I cannot comprehend language. Say my son is talking. He says "We are going to the movie tonight". I don't understand and as him to repeat. It takes four or five repetitions with me repeating the words with him before I suddenly understand. I hate that!

  73. I get a warning sensation on different places on my legs. I also get a sensation of water droplets as well on my legs but no actual water on my legs.

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