Rapides Regional Health Talk – Helipad announcement

– [Narrator] Health
Talk, brought to you by Rapids Regional Medical Center. (upbeat music) Rapids Regional Medical
Center is always growing, but to see its latest
construction project, you’ll have to look to the sky. – The most recent construction project that we’re working on at
Rapids Regional Medical Center is our new helipad that
we are building up on top of our south tower. Soon you’ll see a crane going up, you’ll see us constructing the elevator that will feed the helipad. The timeline, we’ll
start in the next couple of weeks with that, you’ll see activity and then we’ll finish it up in September of next year. – [Narrator] The new
helipad will be available to accommodate larger aircraft and will allow patients
to be transported directly from the helipad to the
emergency department. – We’ll keep the existing helipad open, that helipad is directly
over our cardiac cath lab, and so patients who are coming in by air that need cath lab will still need that helipad, it’s a more direct path into the cath lab, but the
new helipad will service the emergency department better, it’s a more direct path
for trauma patients who are going directly to
the emergency department. – [Narrator] During construction patients and visitors may notice periodic road and driveway closures. – During this construction project there will be a few road closures on campus, just on our campus, that are necessary to get
this building materials from ground level up to the top of the south tower while we build, and so we just ask for
the public’s patience while we go through that process, we’ll try to do it as
painlessly as possible, and we’ll communicate
throughout the process of the project, but it’s all for progress and also that we can serve
our patients more efficiently. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] For
up-to-date E.R. Wait Times, text ER to 23000.

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